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  1. Yes they can... https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-mouse-and-keyboard-xbox-one Not to mention there are about 10 3rd Party options out there.
  2. Players on the Xbox can use Keyboard and Mouse, if they want to.
  3. Well I think it maybe badly worded, because right now as a developer I am not sure how they are going to support Split Screen on the Windows 10 version. You can't have 2 XBL accounts signed it at the same time on the PC.
  4. Problem is that the Xbox Store and the Windows 10 store are actually the same thing, MS merged them last year or the year before.
  5. There is no split screen co-op at the moment on Windows 10, if I read the Community Crunch right, they are going to work on that later. They did mention something, but I didn't fully understand it, this is maybe what they said they'll work on bringing later.
  6. It is a Mod that allows building the way Ark should have been, now being incorporated into Ark. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Server_Configuration
  7. Actually there is one more thing you can try. If you open up the file explorer and type in %LocalAppData% and hit enter, then drill into the folder packages, you should see a list of some strange folders. Scroll down to one that begins with StudioWildcard and delete that folder. I am not sure it will work, but worth a shot. That folder usually gets deleted when you uninstall, but just on the off chance it didn't.
  8. Was being polite, just struggling to understand how you can't see what the Xbox Play Anywhere is.
  9. The only other thing I can think is if you have Scorched Earth installed, uninstall and reinstall SE and see what happens, provided you own SE. Otherwise the only other thing I can suggest is reinstalling the game.
  10. I have no idea if this will fix it, but give it a go. Select the Windows icon in the bottom left of the task bar and launch settings and go into the Apps section. Scroll down till you find Ark and click on it. After clicking on it, it will expand to show Advanced options, click on that and it should take you to reset the app.
  11. SMH Xbox Play Anywhere Those XBOX games, not steam games not PC games, but Xbox games, are special Xbox Live games under the umbrella Xbox Play Anywhere. It is a Microsoft program, that allows for anyone on Xbox or Windows 10 store to buy these Play Anywhere games for the sole purpose of being able to, well play anywhere. It is not Valve doing this, it is not Sony doing this, it is Microsoft. WildCard joined that by allowing Xbox Players to get a free copy on Windows 10 so they could play on PC and connect to the Xbox Servers. Like I said, before saying you have been shafted, understand what Xbox Play Anywhere actually is... And for the love of god, notice it is XBOX Play Anywhere and not Steam Play Anywhere.
  12. I suggest you research what Xbox Play Anywhere actually is, before you come to that conclusion of shafting the players.
  13. no You can only cross play between Xbox and Windows 10 store version, if you bought the Xbox Play Anywhere version. Steam version has nothing to do with Xbox Play anywhere.
  14. Yeah, but thats not what I have in mind. I'll have to re-read and see if env vars are handled in apps, they should be. I just don't know why I didn't think of %localappdata%
  15. Thanks I already knew that, I guess I had to wait until someone connected to the server before it generated the save file for the server. Still I would like to know how I can access to this via a program so I can write a backup program for it, as well as an editor for the ini.
  16. yeah to be honest I wasn't a 100% sure, as everything else about non-dedicated and dedicated is hidden otherwise, I made an assumption. Be nice to know where the maps are for backups.
  17. Yeah if you are stuck on the loading in the bottom corner, might be a problem. How long is the longest you waited there, with the loading in the bottom? It should take about as long as it the Xbox does.
  18. I could NEVER understand why there was never a lan option on Xbox in the first place, I know very niche area, but still I think they under estimated people buying extra xbox's for that purpose.
  19. Unfortunately that is your single player ini files, if it is anything like the steam version, dedicated has a separate one which I can't find. @Jatheish I would like to propose I knew place for storing the INI files, a place that is accessible by the user and any tool programs. I have searched high and low how to programatically read those files and edit them with a tool. Either as a UWP App or Desktop App. Getting a user to Manually know that location, is something I don't want this tool to do.
  20. Controller. I know they stuffed up here, no testing and just assumed everyone would play it with a controller.
  21. No you're not getting shafted. The Windows 10 Store version, is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, this is a special thing for Xbox Live players and allows them to buy a Digital copy and play on Xbox or PC and continue where they left off. Personally I am over this bickering between MS and Sony, everything should be cross play and allow the player to choose where they want to play. I know, wishful thinking, got to happen one day...
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