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  1. NateTheDemiGod

    Could this computer run ARK?

    you'll be fine, I'm playing on high with less
  2. NateTheDemiGod

    What is the Magic Population Number?

    pve 20's usually
  3. NateTheDemiGod


    I've had to destroy foundations and ac units to get wyverns unstuck before.
  4. NateTheDemiGod

    PVE someone blocking my vaults

    people are scum sometimes, sorry this happen to you.
  5. NateTheDemiGod

    What does eat a tamed boa?

    true, i just give them the weak wyvern eggs i wont hatch
  6. quetzal trap makes it so easy to tame tho. i solo it by taming a low level on 2x using a griffin then cage it with wood spike where it lands to protect it. tuso definitely more of a pain for the sheer fact i have to give up my precious pearls lol
  7. NateTheDemiGod

    Permanent tek creatures?

    yup permanent
  8. NateTheDemiGod

    Tek stego 180 worth kibble?

    if you play pvp
  9. NateTheDemiGod

    Starting off on official?

    yes I did it alone, 5 people to split chores is very doable. Die and learn, you'll get it eventually.
  10. NateTheDemiGod

    Tame limit pve servers

    30-40 is way to low, need boss team and kibble dinos. I say 200 per tribe and increase the overall server cap. So many new players want to play island, rag and center but they are all capped forcing them to try ab or SE and die repeatedly to the harsh environments. My server has someone with a ton of rafts smh, people are purposely capping servers.
  11. NateTheDemiGod

    Titanboa - TLC

    I want to wear my boa around my neck to cool me on SE