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  1. easy they didn't change it it was never said she was anything, they seem to be giving her a back story and before you say anything about that she's not the only one Mei Yin now has a brother, a brother that has never been mentioned I see no difference in this. All of this will be before their life on the Ark they die and wake on the Ark with their old memories. All they are is adding to the story fleshing it out.
  2. yes!!! I actually think it won't be her family dying but most likely herself don't you think?
  3. Have... have y'all not read the Explorer Notes? Mei Yin and Diana end up falling in love and kissing in the Extinction Notes. Like Seriously guys come on, oh and also the actor playing Helena's wife is Elliot Page who recently came out as Trans, but I guess y'all would know him by his old name Ellen Page. Guess that's gonna ruin it for ya as well huh? I for one am absolutely exited for this show and the rest of the story.
  4. while she is more accurate for the role she just doesn't seem to fit the HLN-A character, in part one she was cheerful, bouncing with joy and was always motivating us with a go get 'em attitude. So far in part 2 from what I've seen from the Genesis Chronicles 2 she just seems depressed and I've seen a lot of others say this in comments on Youtube. I also feel like she won't be able to handle the comedic moments that she had previously I just can't see her calling Rockwell a Drongo like in part one. She seems like a more serious voice actor but not taking this silly role seriously enough. She d
  5. the new mechs looked like they were carrying color crates so... new supply drops/loot crates
  6. I think Genesis is leading to its own thing as they originally said it was separate from the main story, I feel like Ark 2 will continue on Earth with the Crashed Aberration Original Rockwell and maybe have an Atlas style map system with us traveling between Arks (like islands in Atlas) across multiple servers. I really think Atlas was a test for Ark 2. And maybe since Genesis is such a different thing maybe there will be something else? Maybe continued DLC in Ark 2 after we get the main story?
  7. ah I found a name finally seems HLN-A will be voiced by Madeleine Madden this time I wonder why the switch I quite liked Amber Lee Connors as HLN-A
  8. just started getting the new Genesis Chronicles Explorer Notes on the Island and HLN-A has a new voice, I mean she doesn't even pronounce Helena the same. Is there any info on this? Is she the new voice for Gen 2 or just the notes for the Chronicles. The Trailer for part 2 seems to have the same actor.
  9. the very first trailer for the game had the dragon boss in it as well as the obelisks it's what made me buy the game in the first place as dinosaurs plus dragons = cool
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