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  1. What Are The Nameless?

    I think the nameless are hyenadon and the reaper are yuts.. both work with pack like behaviors and yuts call on none yuts to pack up so it makes sense in a way...
  2. I like the rebuttal, I would get totally behind a capped speed for characters with the addition of a roll/dodge/strafe, stealth would be kinda hard to pull off with current game mechanics imo.. Unless they come out with a personal cloaking device..
  3. How is this in favor of a nerf? Being on foot should be viable and a pvp threat of foot soldiers versus tames is easily skewed towards tames being favored. Besides the fact that If you aren't fast enough, melee battles become who has more health/ melee/ better items, takes a lot of skill right out of it..
  4. 2X?

    If you have a lack of carno kibble you have bigger ark issues...
  5. What's your guilty pleasures?

    I follow tribemates around with an empty crossbow, constantly dry firing/ clicking 😂😂😂
  6. Server 492 has been down for 36 hours

    Our server is experiencing this now too
  7. Have Leeds disappeared from Ragnarok?

    I'm on official, so might not apply cause of different game modes, but I see leeds in the sw oceans all the time, had one in the sw islands last night (the shallow waters that go thru the islands)..
  8. Poison and Fire Wyverns need a buff! BAD!

    If it wasn't capped, they would be stupidly op, especially for titan kills. Lightning requires that the bolt stays on target, fire does not. Different attacks are different. Fire is a dot, lightning is straight dps..
  9. Poison and Fire Wyverns need a buff! BAD!

    The percentage is capped at a max.. My pvp experience.. Poison are for seige/defense/player killing Fire are your anti air (easiest to land attack imo) shotgun like pattern that hits smaller flyers and you get the fire dot for extra damage after the attack. Lightning are your generalist/dps.. make a wall of several and alternate wing blow and lightning to keep enemy at bay while shocking them down. Or do strafe runs on bigger targets Roles are pretty distinct already imo. Haven't toyed with ice yet, but the slow could be useful in conjunction with tramwork from other wyvern, otherwise a vanity tame/utility for carrying/transport.
  10. End This Stupid Event EARLY PLEASE

    Maybe make it so tames can't hurt them and turkeys can't hurt tames? Then you'd have to kill them on foot..
  11. End This Stupid Event EARLY PLEASE

    It did offer an obstacle that had to be dealt with.. if they were easy to kill, then what's the point?
  12. End This Stupid Event EARLY PLEASE

    If I remember correctly, Turkeys were buffed against tames, but you could dispatch them with weapons easily.. Plus they nerfed them within a day last year cause players cried and wanted easy mode.
  13. Ichthyornis has to go or mechanics changed.

    Easy solution, don't hang around the beach like a noob.. problem solved..
  14. A Mini map

    First person riding is a thing
  15. Make untamable creatues tameable

    I'm more in favor of having insects/bugs be breedable