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  1. Love the idea of locating specific resources or even specific spawns like having a directional sense.
  2. Thylo is a marsupial, not a cat..
  3. You are wrong and acting very spoiled.. i bought ark for 20 dollars.. so I saved 40 dollars on the game, therefore that is something.. game has bugs and glitches but it's a pretty big game with lots of moving parts, it's come a very long way and continues to get better overall, that's a fact.. And aberration will be 20 US dollars.. don't see how that's paying another 60 dollars..
  4. Well it's all in the name. Ark is a vessel that preserves/saves/etc.. you can see holographs of earth right before the tek boss.. looks like pangea (all continents mushed together), current earth, and a post apocalypse earth that looks like a barren wasteland.. so you have 3 seperate time periods depicted and could easily assume that the arks were made to preserve earth life after the devastation, and maybe while earth gets terraformed if you want to theory craft further.. the arks could be experimental like you said, gathering data on the best balance for biomes and differing species and their impacts on the ecology and such..
  5. Lol, just cause the ark is broke doesn't mean there isn't at least an obelisk.. plus cross ark is kinda a thing.. this is how stupid rumors get started..
  6. Yea, primitive didn't have firearms/ ecplosives, anything ran on gas/ generators etc
  7. Pve needs some sort of groundclaiming mechanic (that can't work in certain high resource/special spawn areas), players would then be restricted to building within proximity of their claimed ground.. might even lower player cap of pve servers tbh.. I would also lift restrictions for platform saddles so players could be semi/nomadic to a degree.. just my thoughts. I don't play pve, but they do need some tlc it sounds like..
  8. Read the latest community crunch.. sheesh, they've been working on this, it's not an easy button solution..
  9. Ummm, it's an in development game that can undergo change (nerfed/stolen/whatever you wanna call it) at any time.. shame on you for acting like your entitled to anything when they have been upfront about the stage of this game. You need to be held accountable for making an ignorant purchase of which you clearly can't deal with. QQ less and maybe do more research before spending your money and time.
  10. I'd rather they "region lock" most spawns to give the different areas of the island a more distinct level of difficulty and flavor..
  11. Raptors (basically utahs) have feathers..
  12. Pic shows it with two carno, it appears bigger, will probably be a carnivore that groups other carnivores (regardless of species) into makeshift packs. Points to it's buff inducing roar, like a boss/leader dino.
  13. Theri is territorial, not aggressive.., much like bears... and Leeds are aggressive to boats, not players..
  14. I get your point. I'd even go as far as to say this is more of a giga issue than a double one (tho I could see how double affects this). I'm a firm believer in removing the giga and bestowing seige ability to several tames. Or at least making the giga a seige rex with reduced damage to tames and much less meat gathering (not much realism but pushing this overpowered tame into more of a niche so it's not a do everything and make most other tames obsolete sorta thing) the XP issue has always been a problem, and I'm not sure that it's double xp all the time (thought the post said permanent 2x harvest and taming only). But alphas abused it even before the double weekends (leveling into the 60s and 70s in days). As far as the 2x taming, would you be in favor of keeping the reduced time but then having the 1x amount of kibble/food necessary so that prep is still as important as it was before the double weekends?
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