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  1. I have only recently encounthered that on a custom server with a custom map, so I blamed the map maker for having a kill trigger directly on a bounding box. Other than that I haven't gotten this issue, just this one time. Probably wont have this issue anymore, since Studio Bugcard broke the Managarms dash feature. (tested on modded server and default single player no mods) and I dont use the Managarmr for exploration and OSD's anymore. Speaking of OSD's... Managarmr ice breath doesnt work insids OSD's for some strange reason.
  2. The range is ridiculous now, Studio Bugcard should separate PvP from PvE and add switches that allow classic Managarmr behavior on custom servers and SinglePlayer. That would require rewrite of code? Then lets go! You're devs. Besides, now I can't even properly dash forward with the Managarmr anymore. Tested on modded server, tested on Default Single Player no MODs. Managarmr just dashes forward like a very little bit and then just falls to ground. No obstables in the way. Also no mention of the Managarmr Dash in the change log, makes me assume Studio Bugcard broke the game - once again. It still works randomly, but absolutely not reliable at all. The same worked perfectly fine before the update. Why do the devs break stuff with every update?
  3. I made a comparisation video on YouTube, I think it's improved. Managarmr has been improved _A_ _LOT_
  4. Wow, how long did I had this "Flyer land command" button in my suggestion list (which has been deleted by one of your mods for some strange reason)
  5. Doubtful. Server framerate is at constant 30fps and latency is below 15ms. I have video proof of that too. Please don't protect the devs for their inability to properly maintain a game.
  6. I've send you a mail containing a serious exploit on Extinction that definively needs to be fixed ASAP. Everyone on official can use it to gain insanely amouts of advantages over... well everyone. Even ( so called) alphas.
  7. I'd like to know what can cause a cryopod not to work if the translation is messed up? How can that happen? o_O Shouldnt a game reference text strings against language files for translated text? At least other games do that pretty well.
  8. I confirmed this on the Steam forums, and I will confirm it here aswell. Since the chances are better that one of the devs might even read this, though very slim still.
  9. I dont think this patch has been properly tested (if tested at all), people reporting instead of "improving", it got worse. The MEK for instance, sword shash is very unreliable. Velonasaur cannot hit raptors or dilos anymore with the secondary attack. Managarmr for instance, I aim at a large carnivore (rex for instance) and the ice beam doesnt hit at all... maybe if I wiggle it occasionally hits. Why, devs, why? Why are the devs so bad at this?
  10. Cryo fridge is receiving energy from a regular generator, it says "powered" the PODs say "CHRG" but the charge value doesnt increase. They have been in there for 2 days AFAIR. I will monitor this.
  11. Unlike stated in the wiki "The Cryofridge stores and charges Cryopods and allows them to last forever when powered.[1] ", the Cryofridge does in fact not charge cryo pods. Intentional? If not, why has it not been tested? Please don't answer with pointless "uuuuhm, you get tons of cryopods with OSDs" or "uuuuuhmm, craft new ones mkay", thats not the point.
  12. The first iteration of Extinction felt very rushed ... just to hit that ETA. And we saw how rushed it was... typical for SWC their map was delayed and even then it was "unplayable" in the beginning and many patches followed, making things better and worse at the same time.
  13. @Helspawned lel nice, I think the OSDs disappear after one hour, wouldn't make a lot of sense when players are there to defend it though.
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