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  1. autoexec.cfg request I wish this game had some sort of autoexec.cfg like source games for example. I would like to automatically set t.maxfps on game startup for instance. Maybe this also helps that our settings get wiped every now and then for some strange reason, never had this with any other game that my personal settings such as keybindings, graphics and gameplay settings get set to default with certain updates.
  2. I dont know, how about making it do what a proper spider would do: webbing around, climbing walls and ceilings, having a very good sense of seeing and feeling...
  3. IMO this is a core game issue and not a map related bug.
  4. it was a "feature" from day 0 on, never been fixed and I highly doubt they will ever fix it. I find it super intriguing why they just dont add a 2 liner that checks upon asset loading if the spoil timer is 0 and then discards of the item. Makes absolutely zero sense to keep an egg with 0:00 spoil timer still be there...
  5. You should remember what you and/or your fellow volunteer moderators wrote here and you represent the devs, right?
  6. So true, annoying as hell. Official answer I read was "its the modders fault, not ours" and SF doesn't care about widely used MODs such as S+.
  7. I usually leave my dinos on "follow me" during flight and on dismounting with a follow-me range of high. After I dismount I don't have this issue with "running/walking away" but still, this long term issue needs to get fixed by a proper developer. Instead they add this fancy annoying "green circle" feature to modded feeding throughs and blame it on the MOD developer...
  8. It just bothers me how they act: It's all your fault, not ours Feels like "shut up and pay for our product!"
  9. Unfortunately MODs aren't looked at, when SF is "developing" their game and they blame it to the modder if there is anything broken (that clearly worked perfectly fine before this latest update). Even though such a widely used MOD such as S+ isn't even tested with their new update. as @Probitas said, they wanna know it better. for instance: A character reset on my own servers is quite annoying, the "patch notes" say Initiated a one-time forced respec of all characters on Official Servers but for some strange reason, Iam getting this forced respec on my servers too. I wish I could turn this off.
  10. Maybe an intentional gameplay decision, but doesn't make sense at all. From all the negative "reviews" I've decided to not buy this DLC.
  11. fascinating feature, seems totally legit undoing a saddle from a horse, the player and all the stuff vanishes : - D
  12. Iam actually happy that I have very limited internet at the moment, so I can't update my server cluster. From what I'am currently reading from the actual players, it is a disaster at the moment. Without MODs I'am definitely not playing the game, many dev decisions lead to that (i.e. Flyer nerf).
  13. Because there is no such thing as quality control, you - the player - are the quality control. The game is super complex, overseeing this during development can happen, but as a finished product and uploaded to the public, such a bug definitely must not happen at all. never.
  14. Wow, how long did I had this "Flyer land command" button in my suggestion list (which has been deleted by one of your mods for some strange reason)
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