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  1. Man. ARK is really showing its true colors as wildcard continue to hide and ignore the "Genesis problem" and haven't mentioned a damn thing in about 2 months. No more item teasers or previews. Words on the release date. Or anything.
  2. This is why many groups of friends simply host private servers. Theres no point playing on a large public PVP server if you expect to be able to keep anything alive without being raided and having everything you worked so hard for destroyed, for fun, by other players. Servers are fairly cheap for a small 20person or less server. Alternatively, you can host one yourself if somebody has a spare decent computer. (Trust me, we've hosted one ourselves for the past 2 maps) I'm always shocked when people complain "Boo hoo, i'm on a PVP server, and i got raided " Dont play on PVP unless you plan on engaging in PVP or getting all your poop killed/stolen/trashed.
  3. Shukie

    Where's the hype?

    Lol.... And another community crunch comes out, flashing some Genesis screenshots we've already seen, and still not giving a release date. Just a "UwU, look at all the hard work we're doin' patching the game for you UwU" Its the 15th of January. You'd think They'd put out the release date in todays community crunch if it was going to be on the 28th. So i'm callin it. Its not happening in January. -Edit- For the record, i appreciate them making fixes. But there has been 0 transparency with when Genesis is actually coming out. This just comes across as such a blatant "Please dont be mad at us, we're working hard, we promise!"
  4. Shukie

    Where's the hype?

    I just dont like how quiet they've gone. No more teasers and no release date. i was HYPED AF a couple months ago, leading up to the initial december release date. Then the release was pushed to "January" and i was like 'this is fine' But now they're being.... so quiet and secretive at this point that i'm just like... Theres no hype left. I've give up on it being this month because, if it were due to come out in the next couple weeks, they would have mentioned it in the community crunch. But i get a feeling it'll be pushed to febuary or later, Which will be a problem, as i have other games coming out March and onward, that will take up my time. And i was booking on December/January for ARK so i'd have time to binge a couple months into it before other games came out. But these delays are really going to screw up that gaming schedule.
  5. Shukie

    Where's the hype?

    I'm still super hyped for Genesis. I'm always excited for new expansions and official maps. And Genesis looks like its going to be such a new and interesting experience, likely totally different from anything else ARK has been in the past. However, WildCard themselves have killed the HYPE. With a few errors. First Being the Delay: Delaying the release and refusing to give a hard release date is a MASSIVELY BAD MOVE. In addition, The past few weeks we have gotten no new mysterious transmission gif previews of new objects like we had been getting pretty regularly for several months. The News relating to genesis from the ARK/WildCard team has pretty much completely dried up and that is BAD. They're not keeping the HYPE TRAIN moving anymore, and right now, nobody knows when genesis is going to come out and what kind of playable state it will be in. I'm still excited for it, dont get me wrong. But They've screwed up pretty hard.
  6. Bugs are a part of life with ARK. Most of us have still sank hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the game regardless. Ark is not perfect, but its a damn good bit of fun anyway. HOWEVER, I, like many others, was quite shocked when they announced that the new expansions would'nt be covered by the season pass and you'd need to buy a NEW GENESIS SEASON PASS to get the upcoming content. Did i think that was'nt fair? Maybe a little. Did i still buy the genesis season pass? YES. Because i know i'm going to get a couple hundred hours of play out of genesis's expansions. And even though ARK can be a glitchy polished turd, i still enjoy it. I think anyone who buys ARK knows what they're getting into, just by reading steam reviews for the game, or heck, any reviews of the game. If your that upset by how buggy ark is, theres plenty of other games out there~
  7. I'm glad that the bug our server dubbed " The Rapture" has finally come to an end Honestly for the first day or so, this was hilarious. And made for great EXP farming. But what became VERY UN-FUN was the drop from 50 to 3FPS when getting close to certain clusters of raptors. I'm shocked it took them 3 days to patch it out because it was such a game-breaking bug that caused significant server and player lag and multiple deaths.
  8. Shukie

    Tessa and Her Gali

    Hanging with my friend and her very silly mount
  9. The first time i played ark seriously was on a friends server. We shifted to a different server a couple weeks ago, but i visted my old base and took some pictures.
  10. Looking forward to some of these mods. The rafts/ships look fun!
  11. I for one Welcome our new Feathered Death-Machine Overlords. Nah but, they look really cool!
  12. From my bedroom window, i can see my Equus, Iguanadons, Raptors, and Rex. :>
  13. Really enjoy seeing everyones amazing screenshots and artwork. Drawing dinosaurs because of a game. Awesome.
  14. Dinosaursssss >:D

  15. Shukie


    Some of my Mutations and other breeding projects
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