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  1. collin13

    Whats thoughts on new DLC.

    I appreciate the feedback. So I got on and was experiencing my character rubber banding real real bad and without hesitation I did a noob (at this time on a new map) move and logged off to log back in and the server as we all know was full RIP
  2. collin13

    Whats thoughts on new DLC.

    Ive been working my butt off an im ready to play. How is everyone feeling about it so far( Extinction that is)? good building spots? is lag crazy? how long does it take to fly from one side of the map to the other lol? Ive watched a couple videos but not much going on in them yet. Anyone been in any cave systems yet and not the abb like underground?
  3. collin13

    Tek sleeping pod bug?

    2 grinders with three chem benches and two smithys and myself crafting then itll be to the tek sleeping pod while grinding after ASAP. Im level 107 im thinking and im trying to get to my 135 ARK TRADER RATING 0 0 0 TOTAL RATING N/A Members 22 109 posts Report post Posted 17 hours ago (edited) No xp gain after level 131 ... anyone else having this issue? On legacy or official? I posted before I read this thanks for the heads up ill let you know if I run into this
  4. collin13

    Breeding Projects

    I bred some barys and had some solid red belly and bodys come out as well as a red belly black body green stripes and a red body yellow belly white stripes
  5. collin13

    Improve Tribe/Ally capabilities

    Enable Admin Access only on beds: This helps to control where recruits can access or in some cases total strangers who may be thinking of buying your base so you can give them a more directed tour. I hear of too many times where even if demolish is set to admin, upload and claiming is set to admin people can still c4 or rocket vaults, smithy's, fabricators, etc or pike and kill tames. People are less inclined to give strangers a shot because the current protocols are inadequate. Allow alliance only setting on teleporter: You work closely with people and want to give them access to your land and wares because you trust them but the public option means anybody with the engram can use your teleporter meaning you have much more limited options where to place it if you want to protect your items from people who will port wild dino's to your base. Using my teleporter should be a privileged earn from trust not myself only or anybody. I completely agree with the alliance setting on the teleporter. There has been times where a trustworthy ally is being questioned because the TP is on but other can use it, It gets proven quickly by just turning it off but still its can cause issues. I also am a fan of the bed idea. I have been having people a I met from here on and helping me just grind for trades because they have no transmitter and its easier for them but I also with all respect dont trust them enough to not boot them over night. They understand but if these were possibilities you could build specific for this area to be used when having new people in the tribe. Specially with different time zones putting you in a situation An admin setting on the Vaults, fridges, etc. would help to. they would have to carry anything to destroy your base and you could pick them up with a low weight dino to test because If I could admin everything then they couldnt craft using my stuff. Ive pin coded but I didnt ask them to try to see if it worked because then they would feel even more stand-off-ish.
  6. I was wondering how people would feel about a dino or like an igloo cooler you could use for the items that has a fast despawn or spoil time. Any suggestions? ps4 Colo13455
  7. collin13

    Ark boss fights

    I can bring you thru on the alpha boss fights on the island. Im ready as we speak for the brood and the monkey but im not ready yet for the alpha drag. I am ready for tek cave also besides the alpha dragon. When drag is done the tek cave will be done thanks PS4 name Colo13455 if you add me message me that you got my name from here and what it was about please and thanks
  8. collin13

    Pin points on maps keep resetting?

    correction that it hasnt deleted anything physically just what my map shows in first person
  9. So we just had this update with the quetzal and what not that came out and I have noticed that it erased all my underwater cave dossier locations and my artifact locations as well as my bed on the map and teleporters. Has anyone else had this happen to their map where their pinpoints are wiped off the map. Also my discovery of the map im on also resets( island rag center). Im not sure if this is a setting in the options or what. If someone could please help me out with the information to keep this from happening. It took a while to find all the notes underwater on the island. I did have a playstation software update recently as well. any information on if anyone else is experiencing this please lmk what you find out Thanks Colo13455
  10. collin13

    pve Alpha Broodmother Question

    Make sure you rexs stay attacking the broodmother and not to get carried away eating the small spiders. Over all tho you shouldnt have a problem. GL
  11. collin13

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    @ yekrucifixion187 yes, thats my goal as well I already have all the engrams besides AB but I need tek cave and rock well for levels, thats it so I go alpha everything. I just want to see if where my theris are were a standing chance and what the real strategy that wins the boss is. To all that commented thank you much for you time . I found out a lot an I need a better theri BP other than that I should be golden lol.
  12. collin13

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    dang Yekrucifixion to bad for the people that died if you guys didnt run it again.
  13. collin13

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    ThzNutz I appreciate it greatly that is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you much
  14. collin13

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    dartha I appreciate the lesson thanks. I will continue to breed and with all this information ill let you guys know how it turns out. itll probably be a few weeks im working 7 12s right now. Ill be sure to get my melee to 700 min then put the rest in HP.
  15. collin13

    Alpha Dragon Island w Theris?

    I agree with the more melee for sure and less hits from the boss flamron. Angelicviki thank you for the in put thats what Im trying to hear from any an everyone. I not sure if the PvE world has those starting stats yet but I will keep an eye out for them. 10.6k and 461 melee is beastly. If you dont mind me asking if you can recall what your saddle armor may have been or is? Also angelicviki it was 9 riders but how many theris in total did you bring? Im going to go for my 19 theri and 1 yuty and make sure my whistle game is on point or should I not need the whole lot of theris?