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  1. Thank you very much for working on optimizations. This is greatly appreciated. I hope the Lord's work continues in this manner.
  2. Mate, you're going to have to show me how you get cryopods into Prim+ This would be killer for keeping gigas.
  3. I've been hitting the water caves on island for months. Only gotten a very small fistful of rex bp's. Thankfully one was 88 armor.
  4. Kind of like finding sea crates. Ridiculously hard. Good challenge though.
  5. Hey Ced, what does being a "sponsored mod" mean? I'm new around these parts.
  6. Nuggie

    Couple questions

    @OP, Since you are on Xbox you are very unlikely to enjoy the state Prim+ is in. I would wait until the migrate it into the main game files.
  7. I bet if you throw an @ in front of their names they will see it.
  8. SOB. I was similarly unaware of this. Thanks for the heads up. I'm suddenly very happy with my current set of bp's.
  9. Cryopods... on Prim+? Maybe you're in the wrong forum, mate.
  10. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/ Put in a ticket, mate. Going to be a long wait. Took them 2 weeks to answer mine. At the bottom click "submit a ticket"
  11. I think the build up limit is 75'ish on pc official
  12. I don't know how bad the lag is on other servers, but if they're anything like the server I play on its no wonder the unofficial population is increasing.
  13. Or take them on beta/alpha fights.
  14. Clearly the power of the Zerg Swarm will prevail. But, generally speaking alphas aren't the ones harassing Bob's. Bob's harass Bob's. There is no fun picking on the little guy.
  15. Nuggie

    Boss fights

    Finally got around to trying this. Had 19x 25k hp on rexes and between 360 and 440 on melee. 25 AC prim saddles. And a pig that didn't do much healing. Beat broodmother no sweat. Most rexes only had 3-5k hp missing after the fight. There was a couple with 8k hp left. Need to work on positioning to fix this I think. On the monkey we lost a few rexes due to positioning too close to the pit. Ended with 12 rexes with 5k or so hp missing (plus the pig, did more healing with it this round). Probably going to skip island dragon and do dragon on Rag.
  16. Had a problem with stone intake for water on pc. Had to replace it to get water feeding plants in my base again. The graphic was there like water was flowing. But the plants wouldn't start to grow. Replaced the irrigation tap first, didn't fix the problem. Traced lines. All good. Replaced intake, boom got plants back.
  17. Ive seen squids along all edges of the map. Real deep. Pop a windwipe and put it into oxygen. Use a basil. Kill the other stuff if up to spawn them if they're not up. And to get exp. I want to say they can spawn in the western water easy loot cave also.
  18. Well that's an interesting twist. We get the ability to add bunny ears and lose the furry handcuffs? Unconventional prisoners for a while.... or no prisoners at all... ouch @Cedric
  19. About prime fish, I harvested prime fish with a giga from a Leed a couple weeks back.
  20. ... I thought you couldn't increase flyer speed? Wasn't that nerfed? Does it not apply to quetzals? Should it?
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