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    PVP Base Location: Land, Ocean, or cave?

    Well hidden is better than well defended when you are first starting out. In the late game you are either in with the alpha or the alpha-pack's prey. Doesn't matter where your base is.
  2. Nuggie

    Minimum stats for a boss rex

    For the time it takes to camp out on the rag desert loot crates to get a decent blueprint you've well invested your time rather than having to rebreed your dinos if you lose.
  3. Nuggie

    I created a kibble flow chart

    Maybe post a pic of it? Not going to download a random file though.
  4. The problem with the old system was that it didnt leave a very good path to move forward with new creatures. It didn't make for a logical path to expand the game with. It was good for the base game and a couple additions after that. So if you are faced with two bad choices you choose the least bad. This "egg size" system makes a logical path forward for new creatures to be added in a more horizontal manner. Where you can put new creatures in a tier they classify with. That they have an equal relative value (however that is determined). I am not, however, going to argue which dino's they put in the various tiers as good decisions. so don't force that down my throat. It clearly needs tweaked.
  5. Nuggie

    Quetzal Trap

    Good job and good tactic. Hadn't thought of trying to "steer" one before.
  6. Nuggie

    When will ark optimization be better

    ... the old group didn't seem to know how. Maybe the new group will.....?
  7. Nuggie

    Prim Plus No Poultry

    What platform do you play on?
  8. Nuggie

    Quetzal Trap

    Time tested and mother approved. Crossbow all the way. You get 100 torp for every arrow, plus whatever torp ticks up before your next arrow hits (not worth timing out the 5 secs, just nail it every time you reload(like Onim said, very high health). Be below it and aim for the belly/head.
  9. Maybe I'm just a snob, but why do they have to be seperate? Use both argies and quetz at the same time. The carrying capacity of your metal farming trips isn't limited. I disagree with the building a trap on the ground. Quetzals are so few, atleast on the island and center, that you'd have to bring a trap with you every time you went to hunt one. Make a 3 wide, 3 tall, 2 deep thatch doorframe trap on the quetz platform and KO them in the air. Never had a problem aiming. Goes with you. Thatch makes it a low cost rebuild if you need to tear it down to use platform for something else.
  10. I am similarly confused as salty. Onimusha, if you think the last kibble tier dino's are useless why are you complaining? Sounds like you will never tame them, if that's the case then the difficulty of the last tier won't effect you. Making the second to last tier -your- last tier. Which is relatively easy to obtain. Personally, the way I see the end game being played the Yuty's buff (+25% to melee of your dinos, I believe) is -HUGE-. Without it you would be forced to spend that much more time breeding for mutations. In other PvE games I've played these buffs are essential to being able to beat encounters. I don't see this being any different. I see spending the time it now takes to tame a Yuty as an easy trade off to being able to finish the PvE game. I agree the giga should be in the last tier. The ease of gathering meat brings you into the realm of being able to mass raise meat eating dinos. Regardless of not being able to be used in the PvE end game I think the giga is well worth the effort of being in last tier. Thyla's are useful, but not on the same level as giga/yuty. I would value them at slightly less than rexes, but maybe still worthy of being in the same tier. I can't speak to griphons as I've mostly played on center/island. Only ever gone to Rag to collect loot from desert crates(which I didn't need to ascend or bet the bosses for, as I haven't yet). As a side note, those of you who complained about titanaboa eggs being not worthy of last tier tames, I hope you enjoy laying in the bed you made.
  11. I don't know about "replacing" a survivor, but I was "reimbursed" the levels from the survivor of mine that disappeared to a new survivor I made. Don't forget to style your new survivor how you want it. The generic look sucks.
  12. Yes. Awfully hard to find. I agree on the "should not see purlovia" sentiment though.
  13. In pvp if you don't like something someone else has done you can destroy what they have in place. That is your route.
  14. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/sections/203788097-Survivor-Issues?mobile_site=true They have the commands to change dino owners I believe. As well as making new tribe owners.
  15. They sure are helpful finding griefer bases.
  16. Put in a support ticket. They will reimburse your levels to your new survivor (don't forget to style it how you want it).
  17. Nuggie

    v293.100 PC Patch Broke Primitive +

    I believe they said the servers are offline (so no worries about decay or starving). They were in a "all hands on deck" situation last week to get the tek servers fixed. They're probably taking a breathe to get the devs some hang time before getting prim+ fixed.
  18. There was no timer for the alpha dragon fight on single player, is it the same on official servers?
  19. From the tests I was doing yesterday the 20k theriz outlasted the 25k rexes (with slightly better saddles since my rex saddle is better than my theriz saddle. 85-90 on the theriz and 95-100 on the rex. I'm new to this single player gm command stuff, I'm probably doing it the hard way. Im digressing) 9/10 times. With only a pig passive healing. Side by side in the same fight. Seems like there is something else going on there. Pardon my ignorance, I'm new to the boss fights.
  20. Nuggie

    where are the primitive servers?

    Jen (@bubblywums) Tweeted: We've got potential fixes for the S+ mod snapping issues, and the stalls during gameplay. Prim Plus PC still proving a bit difficult, but we're working on it! More updates when I have them. https://twitter.com/bubblywums/status/1103738453089505280?s=17
  21. Wait, I thought berry eaters were immune to the dragon breathe, or is it just the damage portion? What other effect does the breathe have other than the slow damage over time (DoT)?
  22. Nuggie

    Long loading time

    I saw a video of an m.2 laptop loading into ark in 5:30'ish minutes. That's going to be the direction I go in the future.
  23. Thanks for the tip! I will try that next time.
  24. Nuggie

    (PS4) Get youre head out of youre... And fix Prim+

    I think Tyrion is coming off a bit harsh, but it's because he's passionate about this mod. I agree with his last statement. If the mod can't be supported to the level that it's relatively stable then releasing it back to the mod community would be a good route.
  25. I've been trying this on single player, since the patch has us down, and I've been getting whomped. Been slowly working my way up from 16k health and 600 melee theriz. Up to 25k and 800 md as of last attempt and got beat in a straight up boxing match with me on a pig. Seems like it would be pretty chaotic trying to keep the theriz healed with cakes. Went through 2400 kibble trying to keep the pig fed.