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  1. Thank you very much for working on optimizations. This is greatly appreciated. I hope the Lord's work continues in this manner.
  2. Hey Ced, what does being a "sponsored mod" mean? I'm new around these parts.
  3. Cryopods... on Prim+? Maybe you're in the wrong forum, mate.
  4. Had a problem with stone intake for water on pc. Had to replace it to get water feeding plants in my base again. The graphic was there like water was flowing. But the plants wouldn't start to grow. Replaced the irrigation tap first, didn't fix the problem. Traced lines. All good. Replaced intake, boom got plants back.
  5. About prime fish, I harvested prime fish with a giga from a Leed a couple weeks back.
  6. There are items available to help with this problem. Doesn't even require thinking outside the box.
  7. No one has mentioned they starve out in less then than a week if you don't otherwise provide for them.
  8. Having a giga makes feeding carnivore babies super easy.
  9. You are correct in that we, veteran prim+ players, are not the majority of the community. We are the -only- community that is going to be drastically negatively effected if the servers get wiped. Also, you've state your opinion several times now. Maybe sit back, not spam the forums, and let others give their opinion.
  10. Something I would like to point in argument against the "make it part of the main game and have an ability to turn off tek" sentiment is that you are perhaps overlooking having to remove all those things from dino loot tables and loot crate tables as well. It's not just a matter of disabling engrams.
  11. Hey Ced, I've been playing Ark for about 15 months now. All but the first month in Prim+ crossark3. I find mixing dino's and advanced tech silly. I think that integrating the prim+ files into the main game would waste the experience that prim+ brings. Overcoming all the challenges with a primitive game style is what makes prim+ special. Its like playing Ark on hardmode. Adding the engrams to the tek servers would simply allow you to bypass those challenges. If that's the route chosen you've just wasted all the effort that's been put into Prim+. Would it be possible to make it into an officially supported mod that is hosted on official crossarks that preserves current progress that is on the servers already? At the same time adding the engrams to the main game engram tree? This would allow for the rest of the Ark players to experience a taste of what we've had the pleasure of enjoying and give people the option to keep the prim+ hard mode struggle. As well as not making us start over. I'm not 100% opposed to starting over, but I'd prefer not to have to if it means having the ability to fix the game. My second choice would be to make it into an unofficial mod where we can download the saves from current server files. There is plenty of support from the prim+ community that will keep it alive on unofficials servers. I wouldn't be surprised if there are enough code savvy players out there that could move it forward.
  12. Any other gaming company would have banned a player for mass revealing exploits. The Ark CSR's are a heck of a lot nicer than they ought to be. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the -vocal minority- of the players here on the forums are a heck of a lot more toxic than anywhere else I've seen. To the younger players out there: you may think that being on the Internet gives you a lot of anonymity, but your reputation will follow you. Also, a Wiseman once said, "Treat people for who you are, not for who they are." Please realize that the devs and CSR are people just like you and me. Are you the type of person that wants to say negative things to people? People don't like negative people. You're going to find yourself pushing people out of your life with this demeanor. That makes for a very lonely path you travel.
  13. I think WC was spot on with their first reaction and soft with the second. Not just soft, but set a very bad precedent. Ced, can I appeal HOD's appeal? You've never seen a hive with more scum and villainy as with youtubers. WC doesn't need their ilk around here.
  14. Definately. You just have to deal with the argies argumentative nature while trying to KO. But Pter+rare flower+trap can't be beat. Super easy.
  15. For the time it takes to camp out on the rag desert loot crates to get a decent blueprint you've well invested your time rather than having to rebreed your dinos if you lose.
  16. The problem with the old system was that it didnt leave a very good path to move forward with new creatures. It didn't make for a logical path to expand the game with. It was good for the base game and a couple additions after that. So if you are faced with two bad choices you choose the least bad. This "egg size" system makes a logical path forward for new creatures to be added in a more horizontal manner. Where you can put new creatures in a tier they classify with. That they have an equal relative value (however that is determined). I am not, however, going to argue which dino's they put in the various tiers as good decisions. so don't force that down my throat. It clearly needs tweaked.
  17. Good job and good tactic. Hadn't thought of trying to "steer" one before.
  18. ... the old group didn't seem to know how. Maybe the new group will.....?
  19. Time tested and mother approved. Crossbow all the way. You get 100 torp for every arrow, plus whatever torp ticks up before your next arrow hits (not worth timing out the 5 secs, just nail it every time you reload(like Onim said, very high health). Be below it and aim for the belly/head.
  20. I am similarly confused as salty. Onimusha, if you think the last kibble tier dino's are useless why are you complaining? Sounds like you will never tame them, if that's the case then the difficulty of the last tier won't effect you. Making the second to last tier -your- last tier. Which is relatively easy to obtain. Personally, the way I see the end game being played the Yuty's buff (+25% to melee of your dinos, I believe) is -HUGE-. Without it you would be forced to spend that much more time breeding for mutations. In other PvE games I've played these buffs are essential to being able to beat encounters. I don't see this being any different. I see spending the time it now takes to tame a Yuty as an easy trade off to being able to finish the PvE game. I agree the giga should be in the last tier. The ease of gathering meat brings you into the realm of being able to mass raise meat eating dinos. Regardless of not being able to be used in the PvE end game I think the giga is well worth the effort of being in last tier. Thyla's are useful, but not on the same level as giga/yuty. I would value them at slightly less than rexes, but maybe still worthy of being in the same tier. I can't speak to griphons as I've mostly played on center/island. Only ever gone to Rag to collect loot from desert crates(which I didn't need to ascend or bet the bosses for, as I haven't yet). As a side note, those of you who complained about titanaboa eggs being not worthy of last tier tames, I hope you enjoy laying in the bed you made.
  21. I saw a video of an m.2 laptop loading into ark in 5:30'ish minutes. That's going to be the direction I go in the future.
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