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  1. JessHawke

    Dossier Template

    Hey there! The link and template files themselves seem to be okay, but one of the font links in indeed defunct. The links eventually dying is a concern however, so I've uploaded them (plus the fonts) to my google drive. Credit goes to those due, I'm just a hosting service. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lPK5Vi3QI2BPdyTH0rqttx4xOxdezBIF?usp=sharing (Someone please verify the Gimp file works, cause I can't.)
  2. Did you mean Fjordur? booo ignore me. dyslexia's a pita Totally hyped for the new things. Thanks guys!!
  3. JessHawke

    Dossier Template

    For anyone looking for this but can't access the link https://web.archive.org/web/20180828121435/http://www.mtxgaming.com/ark-dossier-template.html Thanks to Quellcrest over at the Modding discord, reminding us that WayBackMachine is a thing.
  4. No worries, I don't pay attention much either anymore I only know cause I've got a friend who works for a school district, and she was bummed to be back to work haha
  5. In some areas, school has restarted already sooo yeah. Big oof to those who's summer is officially over
  6. I've seen a thyla above a tree platform so idk /shrug
  7. Unfortunately, I had neither of those while I was on the server :c Also, not that I've ever seen? There were a ton of sap taps (with no platforms) on 32, and there were still Thylas everywhere.
  8. This. This is a good question. There was a gate on PC PVE-OfficialLegacy32 that was straight up out of reach to demo on Craig's Island. Idk if it's still there but it was annoying to look at. And I could never get at it to get rid of the eyesore. @Atlantis Hello fellow Stargate fan! /wave unless you're not, in which case ignore my presumptuousness edited because autocorrect is the bane of my existence
  9. Let me preface this by saying I have not played Prim+. For the only reason of it not being part of the main game and I've not even fully explored the base game. That said, I'm envious and totally biased when I vote for adding it to the main game. More building options and variety is always a plus in my opinion. Perhaps it would be advantageous to add a server setting to allow server admins the option to disable Prim+, or make a server Prim+ only, allowing it to still be a game 'mode' but still part of the main game. This would also make it possible for there to still be Prim+ only official servers. (Assuming thats even a thing? I'm assuming it is.)
  10. True, but only a viable solution if you have easy access to either a rollrat or a gacha (I love gachas so much) but for those that don't, ie those just starting on the island map, phiomias are the way to go. I get enough to fill my compost bins or dung beetle without too much hassle. Also I didn't know rollrats did that. I learned something new today. But no, poop collecting is not a problem imo. Egg collection is.
  11. Please,please,please PLEASE. For kibble farmers, an egg collector is a godsend. Some people like waiting for eggs to drop. I am not one of those. I'd rather, you know, play the game than sit staring at dino butts. I don't mind collecting poop for myself since I have a phiomia for that very purpose, but we need an egg collector of some type. TLC the Oviraptor, make a magic collection box, something. Anything. Please. As a side note, I am eagerly awaiting these additions to official. I'm very excited for the kibble and imprinting food changes. Ark is going in the right direction. Well done devs!
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