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  1. please wildcard ... please make it look like this. the size of the numbers is the same and legible and everyone is used to this list of stats.
  2. sorry - my english istn`t very well. i meant that the hp stats are positioned lower than stamina for example. i know why the stats are different in each category. ^^
  3. for me the size itself is not the problem. the chaotic arrangement of the stats bothers me. some numbers are big, others are small; some numbers are above, others below. I would like it to be clear (apart from the fact that I would also like to have informations like "raised by", "armor" and "mating cooldown timer" ^^).
  4. I got the gloves skin but i am disappointed - unfortunately they are too small for female characters ... and my char has normal sized hands. don't you test something like that before the players get it wildcard?
  5. it would be nice if you had the opportunity to allow some alliance members/tribes/people to use gates/workbenches/melters/etc instead of having to enter a pin - although the pin option is unfortunately now completely missing for many objects.
  6. "World Borders: Soon, we will be updating world barriers on all maps so that anything outside of a world border will be destroyed." hopefully you will make the borders really visible if you want to kill everything behind them. especially on scorched earth you usually see the borders after you have already flown against them.
  7. I'm looking forward to 3x event! I hope that the chocolate will be stackable again - not like last year.
  8. first of all you should try to talk to the people. if that doesn't work you can either wait until the ticket has been processed or you move to another server. you can also fight with the people (for example enclose their animals with your structures or do what they do) but that is not recommended and you should be careful that they don't write a ticket against you.
  9. we have some players on our server which are constantly getting kicked out of their tribes and they certainly doesn't have a dupe - so i don't think that's the reason.
  10. it depends on the map. on the island we recently killed the alpha broodmother 10 times in two hours (without the time it takes to get the artifacts and trophies) and went home with 1480 elements. gachas and the dust on extinction are our next choices.
  11. I'm really looking forward to the Maewing! It will certainly make breeding easier - at least for the working people. Happy Holidays to you and all others too!
  12. I'm afraid this dream won't come true. but it would be nice.
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