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  1. If the server is showing up and says 0/70 it should be able to be joined. If your can't connect I would recommend filling out the form on the front of the website. Here is a link to it to help you out https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19p2_r2z9wyazMXiJIlFINw0M32WCoUkv039yemwR3lE/viewform
  2. The gifts from Raptor Claus have been really good. I have got a lot of ascendant items from him. I am sure people will enjoy the cryopods.
  3. I am very excited for the wolf tlc. It really needs it.
  4. Logged in and ran around on my horse knocking out random beach dinos.
  5. They are awesome and cool. They also are rare to find. You can get some pelt from them so I guess it could be useful but honestly who would not want a sheep ?
  6. Amazing work people put into each and every picture
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