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  1. Found easy entrance to underneath map

    you can submit a ticket https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us or you can report it here. Feel free to share the information. It may or may already be a known issue. If you are able to the X Y Z cords or GPS compass cords would be useful. You can find the X Y Z by putting in console "setcheatplayer 1" if you are in a server you have admin access on or single player.
  2. It's an addition that keeps on coming. But seriously ark has a lot of replay value. Everything is different and you will always experience the game differently. I would also say different servers means different gameplay so that could be one to think about.
  3. Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    PvE Is all I ever play. I never really get bored. There is always stuff to do. I would recommend trying different mods/servers.
  4. Max domestic levels?

    Dinos are 71 levels and with players, it goes 100 + 15 + 15 so 130.
  5. Advice on a pair of Rex's

    You are hoping for a mutation. You could get it, However, my advice is just to keep breeding them. If they are winning already what more do you need them to be?
  6. Rock Drake eggs impossible to hatch

    I have never had a problem hatching any. I would recommend trying to put more AC units around it.