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  1. 1david25

    Enforcer from raptorclaus

    The gifts from Raptor Claus have been really good. I have got a lot of ascendant items from him. I am sure people will enjoy the cryopods.
  2. 1david25

    Amusing glitch in 287.123...

    Your boat is hungry. What shall you feed it?
  3. 1david25

    SIlly Therizinosaurus

    sounds like you looked at him funny and it wanted revenge.
  4. 1david25

    Cryopods and PLatforms Saddles

    currently it will destroy the base. I would recommend not putting it in the cryopod.
  5. 1david25

    pve Davidscloud 5 Map Cluster Low Mods PvE

    bumped added extinction
  6. 1david25

    PvP vs PvE, which is played more?

    I would say PvE. Here is my reasoning for that. You will often find PvE players with more than 2,000 hours on one server. And often you will also see people that play PvP with those hours but spread on multiple servers because of fighting. I have found people that get mad at the game and end up leaving will be PvP players more often than not. But this is just based on my observations and others might have a different opinion on the matter.
  7. 1david25

    pve 3 players kill dragon alpha?

    This is a really good strategy. I recommend you follow this one.
  8. 1david25

    Please incorporate a raft limit.

    Indeed. There already is a limit on them. If you're playing an unofficial however the server might have the limited raised or turned off completely.