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  1. What did i do in ark today? Oh just logged onto all of my fridge demoed, all of the fert eggs that I collected and got from trades all gone like that, all kibble, all kibble eggs, pretty much everything I had, the thing that annoys me the most is that it doesn't even say what demoed the fridges.
  2. What did I do today? Hard underwater cave ... never again. Still made it out :^)
  3. Today I began to hatch a new Rex, the one I was currently raising was killed a few days back As well as just going on a few metal runs as the 2x helps a lot for finishing my base, feel I did a little bit today.
  4. Nice mutations, love the colours on them Spinos!
  5. Well today wasn't the greatest, decided to hatch a purchased Rex egg keep in mind this is the first egg that me and my friend have ever hatched. We was expecting that it was going to require care in 4 hours however, we was greatly wrong only to realise it got changed ages ago, we didn't know because all of the videos we watched didn't have the 8 hour 'wants care' period, only saw the one before it was adjusted. So we could of had the Rex asking for care in reasonable times but you know it results in us having to get up in the night, if we had known this it could have been regular hours feels bad, but it's w/e guess you learn one way or another.
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