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  1. I'm seeing back to back storms. Sometimes what even looks like a new storm starting before the last has ended. On SE ASE, there would be 20 minutes or more between storms. I have seen 3 storms in 20 minutes on this new version.
  2. Well on an unofficial server, you simply need to build on the land to claim it. Simple, easy, the best way to play the game in my opinion.
  3. There are unofficial servers with mods. These are servers run by and paid for by people not affiliated with Wildcard. Mods are also created and paid for by people not affiliated with Wildcard. These type of mods will most likely never be seen on an official server. Now there is another type of mod, made by Wildcard that is just a creature that would normally only be added when the map that it spawns on is added. So I assume this is what you are talking about. If you want real mods, and not just creatures that you will see eventually when the map is available, then you want to play on an unofficial server.
  4. So by default it seems, crossplay is enabled. Now all these unofficial servers with mods have XBox players joining and many of the mods do not load for the XBox player with all kinds of possible problems as a result. It is currently very hard for a server operator to figure out which mods are ready if they do desire to configure their server only for the mods that are crossplay.
  5. A lot of people turned it off because it caused crashes for many people. I suspect it has been disabled until this problem is resolved.
  6. There are no changes in ASA for land claiming from how it worked in ASE. You still have the same players that spam pillars too. So nothing changed there. I don't expect them to ever solve this without major changes to the game, so like maybe in a different game altogether. ASA is really just an improved version of ASE, not a whole different game. There are many games where you can't even build a base. Those games will not have this problem and that is certainly one way to solve it. This is one of the reasons I stopped playing official servers about 6 months after the Scorched Earth DLC was released. The griefers there that used rock golems to destroy your base was the last straw for me.
  7. Yes, I like this. Instead of a door, which seems hokey that you would walk through it and go to some place other than what is on the other side of the door, have it be like a teleport structure, lets call it a portal. You place it in your base. You could walk through it riding or with the dino on follow and it transports you to a large area not on the map where you store your dinos. Possibly one reason they don't implement this, as it would remove all possibility of offline raiding in PvP. I personally don't care, as I don't play PvP. Or they could allow the attacker to also pass through this "portal" to where your dinos are stored, so you would need to protect the portal same as you did the dino storage area. It does kind of remove the immersion when you teleport from one area to another though. Also where is all this off map stuff going to go. It has to be on the server, so doesn't really solve the problems with too many dinos on the server, etc.
  8. So what is the new build cap limit? One downside is that the build cap limit has always been a bit too confusing for your average joe. It is not a total number of structures in a tribe, but a number of structures in a radius around where you are placing a structure. Technically this can lead to having never exceeded the limit, but then when you go to replace a piece, you hit the build cap limit. We are soon going to see people complaining and asking what is wrong. Stuff like why can't I replace a piece of my base that was destroyed.
  9. My theory is they really don't want PvE players to play on official servers, so no reason to improve this. The game is fine if you rent, run, or join an unofficial community server. That is how I play and I almost never see any pillars. If there are, the admin is quick to remove them. They simply are not allowed per the rules of almost all unofficial servers. BTW, there have been plenty of discussions on how to improve PvE on officials. As far as I've read, not one working solution has been found. Many were tried in Atlas (really a ARK clone with ships). Nothing works short of good server admins which ARK will never have.
  10. Well, there is a mod (well a couple) that already add the Cryopods back into the game. No Dino Storage mod, but one Cryopod mod even has a gun similar to Dino Storage. This is great for people like me that play on unofficial servers. I'm a bit surprised by how many and how fast mods were created. Some are junk of course, but many already work very well.
  11. A few negative reviews won't really matter at this point. Part of the problem with the game right now is it hasn't been optimized yet. Less people playing because they are discouraged by negative review will be a good thing.
  12. People post steam reviews in the steam discussion section too. That is how I took it. The OP didn't specifically say the steam store page, just steam and reviews.
  13. LOL, I told myself the same thing, but then I saw the minimum and recommended system requirements. Mine seemed to be somewhere in the middle, so I thought what the heck. Seems like it might run OK, but I've had no end of problems so far. Hope that helps you stay strong
  14. All of them? Even the ones complaining about the complaints? You see, the OP has a point. The complaints are often vague ones, not constructive, and seldom of any use. Mainly people just want to express how they hate the game or its developers. For those of us trying to find useful information, this is just so much noise that gets in the way of playing the game. Today I was able to figure out why my frame rate would sometimes be as low as 5 FPS. I changed it to use DX12, now I'm getting 40 FPS and the game is quite playable on my system that is a bit too close to the minimum system requirements. Now if there weren't so many trolls and complainers, I might have been able to find that information a lot quicker. So yes, I think it is reasonable to be annoyed by all the complaints with no solutions. What usually simply be called whining (or childish) if done in person instead of on the internet. And yes, very annoying to read or hear.
  15. You'll never see it, but you just proved my point by your last two posts. Nothing helpful, you just acting like you know everything and basically, feeling all great about yourself and how you've known about this all along. At least you are happy. That is all that counts apparently.
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