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  1. Got an Xbox one X, running around 104 mods on Skyrim and around 60 on Fallout 4 (no problem, no bugs), I can't see WC allowing mods on console as it'd take them well into the next century to figure out how to do it. Taken them ages to fix regular bugs in this game already. Bethesda has the money and expertise to run and maintain mods, WC doesn't.
  2. Simple answer is no, costs too much money
  3. Really? Minecraft + Ark? Not even with split-screen like in MC? Stopped playing MC about 3 years ago because it was boring and now this!!!! Ka-ching all the way to the bank!!! Really disappointing
  4. Aberration delayed yet again? C'mon.......................... Community Crunches are a long list of ====== Nope, don't get your hopes up.
  5. @Casanova Still no news about shipping internationally? Hard to believe it's taking this long ............
  6. Yay, a space beaver, whatever was my life like before this monstrosity hit Ark? (Can you tell I'm being a tad sarcastic?) When's Aberration out then? Go on give us a date, instead of releasing dossiers of up and coming space monkeys!!!!!! BTW wasn't this creature in Fallout 4? Mole-rat? Big it up for Jangles the Moon-Monkey
  7. Heard it was delayed, what a surprise. See, "I told you so" TBA would have been a much better time frame Dissapointed but not surprised, it is Wildcard after all, get your fingers out and release something on TIME!!!!!
  8. @Jatheish @Jen @Jeremy Stieglitz Can we have a release date? Instead of just Oct 2017!!!! Or is it going to be delayed like everything else?????
  9. A freekin' otter? Are you kidding me? Another useless pet! Pile of PP
  10. @Jat @Jen In single-player split-screen Player 2 does not receive the notification when riding a Megalania that they are in climbing mode (white claw print - top right of screen) Player 1 does however. Video enclosed to show (towards the end of video 0:30 ish seconds in) ~ http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/F1nchyStryd3r/video/34010247
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