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  1. Well of course it has to be balanced, maybe you can only use the pee if the carnivore isn't agro to you or another creature in the area. Ghillie Armor will probably help you sneak in and then you can throw the urine and the Raptors will run away and the rex will walk towards the pee. You could probably billed a taming pen, drop the pee in the cage, the rex will run toward it, you can shut the gate and BOOM! You can start knocking it out.!
  2. Yeah, I can see that as a way to balance the mechanic a little.
  3. A wider variety of Alphas for the Island Map For the Island Map, we have the Alpha Raptor, the Alpha Carno, the Alpha Rex, the Alpha Megalodon, the Alpha Mosasaurus, the Alpha Tusoteuthis (The Squid) and the Alpha Leedsichthys (The big fish.) I realized that most of the Alphas on the island are aquatic based. I feel like we need more terrestrial based Alphas. Where's the Alpha Spino, the Alpha Sabertooth, the Alpha Direwolf, the Alpha Dire Bear, the Alpha Sarcosuchus and especially alpha herbivores, we need Alpha Triceratops, Alpha Stegosaurus, Alpha Ankylosaurus, Alpha Mammoth, Alpha Brontosaurus, etc. THey can be just as rare as the other alphas, I feel like we need more alphas instead of fighting the same old Alpha Rex, Raptor and Carno every time! Please Ark, add more land alphas!
  4. New Mechanic Idea We all know that we can poop in Ark. Poop can be used for farming, taming dung beetles, and committing suicide when trapped in a cage during PVP but my question is; Why can't we PEE in Ark?! I know this is a gross topic but think about it, we can poop but we can't pee? Here's my idea on how Pee can be used, you'll know when you have to pee when the water drop starts glowing, (just like you know when you have to poop when the food glows). Urine can be filled in a jar when placed in the hot bar and can be used as a repellent to scare off smaller predators such as Raptors, Dilos and Compies but it can also attract bigger carnivores such as Carnos, Rexes and Spinos (referencing JP3). You can either throw the jar like a grenade, or you could pour the urine all over you (Just don't do the second option when there's a T-Rex nearby!) You can also use the urine as bait for large carnivores to tame them. What do you guys think of this mechanic idea?
  5. Why did you react to my post from August 20 with a Facepalm? Whys is that even a reaction?

  6. First of all, my name is not Bob! Second of all, the skin would look much better on the Bronto & Anky than on the Parasaur!
  7. Really WildCard? A Tek Parasaur? I was hoping it would be somewhere along the lines of, Oh, I don't know, maybe a Tek Trike, or a Tek Bronto or even a Tek Ankylo but a Tek Parasaur? What the hell? The parasaur is garbage! Sure it scares off anything smaller than it, detects enemies, has decent stamina and has a decent berry gathering rate, Parasaurs are not very fast, not very strong and have pathetic health! It cannot fight a Rex because it will not win! At least a Trike can provide some protection. Not a lot but a little bit anyway! My point is, I'm not happy with the Tek Parasaur, change it to a Tek Trike, Bronto or Ankylo please. Thank you.
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