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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering, Now that Extinction has been released, is WildCard going to be working on TLC Phase 3? I would love to see the Carno, Megaloceros, Megalodon, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Pterandon, Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus, Mammoth, Diplodocus, Stego & Bronto to get a TLC because they well deserve it!
  2. Why did you react to my post from August 20 with a Facepalm? Whys is that even a reaction?

  3. First of all, my name is not Bob! Second of all, the skin would look much better on the Bronto & Anky than on the Parasaur!
  4. Really WildCard? A Tek Parasaur? I was hoping it would be somewhere along the lines of, Oh, I don't know, maybe a Tek Trike, or a Tek Bronto or even a Tek Ankylo but a Tek Parasaur? What the hell? The parasaur is garbage! Sure it scares off anything smaller than it, detects enemies, has decent stamina and has a decent berry gathering rate, Parasaurs are not very fast, not very strong and have pathetic health! It cannot fight a Rex because it will not win! At least a Trike can provide some protection. Not a lot but a little bit anyway! My point is, I'm not happy with the Tek Parasaur, change it to a Tek Trike, Bronto or Ankylo please. Thank you.
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