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  1. Started off this morning hatching 10 rexs so i can start doing bosses again. bred the rexs together for 5 more eggs and put them down to incubate. Went out to farm metal, stone, and wood until the 3x went away. Remembering that i put the 5 eggs down, I ran in to check on them just in time to see them hatch all at once. Yaay for endless meat runs for the next 4 days. Afterwards i started crafting stone ceilings for my new base. Made another 1500 and got the bottom floor done. Ended up doing a boss run with a friends rexs and got my tek back up and running. Now im waiting another 20 mins so i can imprint the rexs so i can go to sleep until i need to imprint again.
  2. running caves on the island and reading up on forums while i wait.
  3. just got on for the day and im about to hatch 7 quetz eggs
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