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  1. lol ?big clap for me?? my game runs fine lol working as intended^^ do you read post? LOL how long have u played the game these are not new issues if was a easy fix it would have been fixed ….as far as my quote you clearly sounded like you have a fix so please lets hear it^^ thought so lol like I stated play the game and overcome obstacles in ur way ...
  2. im playing pvp and enjoying the colors what are you on about??toss that trash console where it belongs... no issues pc...
  3. that's a xbox issue... buy a pc and throw that trash xbox in the dump lol
  4. wait there was a pve color update and I missed it????zzzzzz bro the update was for all modes....you didn't know the update was inbound and you lost your stuff in the obby? and ur now blaming pve lol u must be a new player lol
  5. if on legacy you are fine he cannot report you .we are unsupported by wildcard u did the right thing pillar around ur areas to protect
  6. the tears of the pvp community rain down on all modes in this game... adapt .. survive . overcome. I have never in 14k hours had any issues ? with k mode lol please guys haha
  7. but it a issue yes but I also use to defend so ? i pvp is not the only game mode zzz… but yes but I also use to defend so ?
  8. and how do you suppose you see the name of a mesher^^ without...its a double edge sword
  9. a 150 tame all points into hp I get 100+ on x2
  10. yep wild heir are untamable ive found a 225 so far as highest it hatches a regular crystal wyvern at 225 lvl
  11. wait a titan or titanosaur? because titanosaur was never fixed... I wipe bases on the norm still with them in pve...in legacy ofc the aggro mechanic was tweeked but still damges structures of players lol and kills tames too^^ even if on passive...
  12. yes we can and smalltribes are connected I use my xbox character on windows to smalltribes I play with my friends they all on xbox im on pc I play official smalltribes
  13. this is a survival game..survive...listen to these post few veteran players here like alpha/beta ark was real survival ..enemy players were real threats like in game ......wc passed out diapers to the pve community when game fully released... insiding is used by every government in the world... be prepared theres bad ppl irl.. theres more bad ppl in games...please learn from ur mistakes .. do as stated above... never trust any random...
  14. if it was me and caught you in my pve base you would never play that character again^^ it would be my personal throw rug and if you don't think its possible in pve then... look youtube pvp ways to capture players. lots oflil tricks to keep a player alive forever... stop going in peoples bases dude lol
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