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  1. you could tell us what system you play on …. could be your console or maybe even ur pc i never dc ingame? In my opinion ur running a trash system that cant handle this awesome game and your now blaming the devs^^
  2. pillars are not just for land claim^^ to protect ur bases as well …. random alt places pillars and teleporter starts bringing corrupt gigas lol all because the new officals wanna cry about pillars^^ pillars are a needed evil....play legacy awile handle things on ur own do diplomacy make friends ..survive without support bobs lol love you
  3. im sorry ive been inactive for abit but my forums name is my steam name u can send a friends request to mesg be warned tho I only play on legacy so anything needed on official I cant do sadly
  4. Yes it only cost half or the cost to clone but needs the required amount to start the cloner
  5. the snow owl does in fact get a movement speed increase from imprint ty for replying 6months or so later lol
  6. shut down official …. its buggy expensive and low populated
  7. Sadly I believe crystal isles will be soon bad on console lol its a huge map very needy as far as performance...consoles choke at way less needs on other maps
  8. if they wake up in a tribes structure and not losing hp/food/water im sure it would be awile befor theyre ticket will be seen aswell lololol maybe longer than decay timers^^
  9. #1 rule always wipe befor a map is released
  10. Mind wipe 600 weight 160 movement speed
  11. Nooooo Joe blow Lolo lol don't give wc any ideas lol
  12. Totally agree no flyers!!!!!!!
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