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  1. Can only eat poop if not handcuffed. Unless has it in his hotbar an if that's the case he was prepared to be imprisoned
  2. Not entirely patched but if I told u ide have to kill ya
  3. What's funny is I transfered 10 ice eggs at the day of transfer out of val was enabled just fine but now can't lol
  4. I'm that guy I have to admit I like chaos breeds to give away rofl I usually don't ask for anything in return. seeing how if I need anything I can farm more than the average Bob with all the little tricks I've learned over the yrs ;).like ...20k weight only taking 2k weight on quetzal or moving 300 stacks of metal every 15min threw the cross ark but ye's to stay on topic most likely ppl trade or was given all those new shiny gigas
  5. Yep no rules on keeping prisoners I've had 3 since 12\15\ 2017
  6. Legacy longneck blueprints My best longneck blueprint I have found was from lava golem 285 damage 330 dura anyone else find any good BP ?
  7. Depends on how they have caged really if they are pro then yes that can have u there a very long time if not forever but if in a simple cage u can punch .if not handcuffed .face the cage up close an punch till u ko urself an if lucky wake up outside the cage. If handcuffed jump an exit game fast then relog possibly outside the cage
  8. Yes flame arrows are my first choice! !have killed hundreds of tamed giga with them works well
  9. Yes!!! Let's hope they stand by their words in community crunch 135...I will never join official lol .getting development wiped for light pets or if ur base is too big because another player is jealous of what you have thousands of hours wiped without even a warning. Legacy lives matter...I've bought every dlc all season pass on 2 platforms and will continue to aswell
  10. Not too sure really I know only they die fast gd question though
  11. 20khp 1500stamina 550 melee and a 109 saddle I would hatch Drake's till you find a decent stat hatch look for 9kish hp and 350 melee hatch may take few but will be worth it
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