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  1. Got one solution for anyone complaining these kind of things. Make some special PVE servers, limit tame cap and building cap both down to 50. Oh well, let them have the ability to download items from normal official servers, I can imagine that no breeder will play on these servers, so let them trade dinos from breeders. But disable upload to normal servers, so they commit to their play style, not just wasting servers. Also, increase food consumption rate for adult dinos up to 50x, so everything will starve to death in one day, and no one will leave dinos out of cryopods. Just replying to OP's doubt, I personally know lots of builders and breeders in ark. Some people just enjoy building their dream structures. And some people just want to log on and see their favourite dinos standing alive in front of them. If you have the right mindset to play PVE, you should be able to make friends with them. If you are just toxic, you can't accept different play styles, you should play PVP, there are tons of mega tribe with even more dinos standing around waiting for you to kill. For server lag, that's more like a development issue. I've seen many servers went from normal to unplayable, then back to normal with all the tribes stayed the same. If you play this game long enough, you should remember those days when every PVE servers constantly stayed on server tame cap. Are we hitting the server cap anymore? Are servers faster these days? That's questionable. If anyone is actually abusing game mechanics, the server should crash consistently. If server lagged and crashed randomly, that's more like a server issue.
  2. Lol, I've seen people complained about others' bases, then people complain others' dinos. These people are always complaining. They don't have the mindset to play PVE and no guts to play PVP. If you are constantly thinking about killing other people's dinos, PVP always welcome you. If you play PVE, you make friends with people instead. If you don't like anyone at all, just go and play single player.
  3. same issue on pc
  4. Oh well, our bases are big too. But nowhere close to build limit. Impressive, rip for the wipe. I checked your server downtime history, looks pretty awful this month. I supposed you didn't build all that in one day, right? So I can't confirm that was all your fault. But since you were the biggest base on the server, people are just going to blame you regardless. I'd say try work around to stay below build limit, so GM won't have this reason to wipe your structures next time.
  5. I guess you already figured it out.
  6. Do not access unpowered cryofridge, there's a lazy calculation of the timer.
  7. Has anyone figured out fastest way to level your toon up to 155? If I didn't get it wrong, the exp needed for level 135 to 155 is a lot, nearly 6 times of exp for a level 135. Tek sleeping pod is useless in this case. RIP for those people who have one toon on each map. If you don't have one toon on each server, have fun transferring between servers, and prepare lose everything in a rollback.
  8. No, 0 chance. Wild tek rex will have better stats than yours. Decent bred 0 mutated tek rexes will be able to do it, but it's gonna be very rough
  9. Done it with similar stats ages ago, its possible but high risk
  10. lmao, imagine pillar the whole map, it's impossible to maintain that. I never had an issue of finding a spot to build since day one in ark. Give me enough resources and tell me the server number, I will build a huge base in no time. What more can I say, lol
  11. When are they going to fix this? Repainting everything is unlikely an option for us, we have several big bases across many servers. And lots items/armour are messed up too.
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