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  1. I was disappointed with this to when I tamed mine, if this did work i would use them more they just sit around doing nothing really now ?
  2. Most caves have sections that need you to jump so doed wont be any good in them and some have a tight spot to get through I think it would have trouble getting through.
  3. Thank you for the info, that makes sense
  4. Two of us did alpha brood and monkey with Rex's with 60k health 2k damage and one yuti. Oh saddle armor on Rex's was between 60 and 73. With the same line up we managed to do beta dragon but half the Rex's died ?
  5. I wish the would give the oviraptor the ability to pick up eggs when it's on wonder
  6. Over a few months I have tamed around 100 odd and still not found one, I must have bad luck. Might have to bite the bullet and go the breeding route ?
  7. I have been breeding argys and have been doing the easy under water cave looking for a good rex saddle BP but still no joy ?
  8. Cryopod lightbulb? So I am holding my empty cryo pod and pressed N and noticed that a little lightbulb icon showed up in the cryo picture in my hot bar. Anyone know what it's for or does? Just really curious now ?
  9. Now I have to try this on my mental run ?
  10. My question for people would be is it better level weight in the does so you can harvest more posts or is damage better but more stops? Solo that is.
  11. I think this is normal, it's the same for me I liked it being on my ssd but was only a 250 GB so had to move it to my normal hd definitely alot slower loading now.
  12. I have a memory of being killed by a couple of dodos the first couple of days when ark was on alpha stage, no one seems to remember dodos being aggressive when attacked in the early days of ark. Please say I did not dream this lol. Starting to question myself now ?
  13. crow2707

    Breeding 101

    Definitely was worth the read thank you
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