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  1. Silk

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    yeah, that's me... i'm making that face while looking at my Oculus Rift and seeing that Ark still doesn't have proper VR support they promised years ago.
  2. Silk

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Sexual Dimorphism accross all species. I should be able to know the gender simply by looking at the creature (including it's size) not just the text above it's head.
  3. The implication here is that any character loss due to transfer failure is NOT Wildcard's fault. My position is that this implication is wrong. All character loss due to transfer failure is explicitly Wildcard's fault and should be resolved appropriately and timely for the player by Wilcdard support. This is my opinion.
  4. Silk

    Ark Dev team. Why do you hate us so much?

    That would eliminate like 80% of the whine fest of the community... lol.
  5. Realistically the bank has insurance and got their money back and publicity on top of that. The bank is fine.
  6. Silk

    Can anyone explain the season pass to me?

    So how do i buy this season pass on steam??
  7. What are the crafting ingredients for the cake?
  8. Silk

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Their natural stats, that stats that get inherited to their offspring.
  9. Silk

    Announcing ARK Park VR!

    So if I'm interpreting this right... this is basically like what we see every day except with VR goggles on, you can't build anything, and you don't get aggro. Am I accurate here?
  10. The concept is beautiful, the presentation and UI is ugly. I would be using this if it wasn't presenting the data so bad. It's like a 1990's user experience. Maybe you can open up a way to change the UI through configuration or scripting. Also, make it web based. I may have to help with this.
  11. Silk

    Introducing the Giant Bee!

    I hear ya, and i'm typically not one to do this... but for the first time I'm so completely frustrated. I have dinos disappearing daily... i'm spending hours each day taming and hatching and losing them every day. So frustration over this is strong. The thing is, I want to be really excited about this new bee. I'm trying.
  12. Silk

    Introducing the Giant Bee!

    I mean, we can't actually tame this... with the current "disappearing dino" bug, it will just vanish and waste all our time. We haven't heard a damn thing about recognizing that this is an identified issue, and that a fix is scheduled. I'm one of your biggest fans, but when I have tames and hatchlings disappearing (not dead) for no reason, I'm extremely frustrated and can't get excited about new content for obvious reasons.
  13. Honestly, I hope you release more expensive DLC... price it higher. I'd pay $100 for a high end DLC map/server. Why? Because it creates a tier of elitness that fewer people have access to which also creates a less crowded server base, and I'm fine with that.
  14. For OfficialServers, can you specify an email address for the alert to goto that isn't your forum email address? I ask because I can write a script that will poll a specific email address for these alerts and incorporate them into my app without having the webhook.