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  1. My pre-Gen2 patch fabricator can still make replicators but any new fabricator I make can’t. I’m guessing there are 2 fabricators now and the new ones can’t build the engram. Having to risk someone stealing your mats from an Ob on a PVE server seems a little PVP so hopefully they fix/change this.
  2. No, you’ve been able to craft it in a fabricator for some time now. Like I said in my post, my original fabricator still shows it (and I even built a replicator this week) but new fabricators don’t show it. Even the wiki has it listed as being able to be built in the fabricator. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Tek_Replicator
  3. It’s weird but the fabricator I had out before Gen 2 went live can still craft the replicator, but any new fabricator doesn’t show it. Definitely looks like a bug.
  4. In case anyone else does try this, the tribe and character files can be identified in the local copy of the cloud files and renamed correctly (upon copying) by looking at the files created by a dedicated server session. The tames and builds data, however, seems to be a fragment of the full map file that the dedicated server uses; no obvious way to port that over and that’s the “important stuff”.
  5. My wife and I have been playing CI on a non-dedicated server (so, the "Single Player" map) and got sick of tethering so I did the work to get a dedicated server running on a laptop. Is there a way to transfer the saved map and character files from my Xbox to the PC, or (as I expect) do we just have to start over on the new server? Apparently there used to be a File Explorer but MS got rid of it. All of the files get synced to the MS game cloud but I'm not aware of a utility for accessing that location.
  6. THANK YOU! I blocked my Xbox (on wifi) at the router right as I entered the Join screen and this worked, you’re a game saver!
  7. My wife experiences the 30 minute timeout when I am hosting a non-dedicated session on my Xbox One X and she is connecting to it from her Xbox One X. As the host, I do not experience the timeout.
  8. Well, no fix yet but an acknowledgment of the issue is welcome news.
  9. Meh, we tried to play today and 30 minute disconnects were back.
  10. I feel like this is actually a problem with Xbox Live (but still caused by the new Ark version) because I can’t see it going away like it did for my wife and I with no Ark update. Might be backend changes for the Series X, first Ark release with the new libraries from MS, and problems exposed in those changes.
  11. Well, my wife has been connected for over 30 to my non-dedicated Xbox server so it looks like it was a fix on their end OUTSIDE of the Ark code which raises more questions than it answers but eh, we can play now without constant disconnects.
  12. Was there a client download? I haven’t seen one for my Xbox yet but can’t connect to official servers now either making me think there’s a “stuck” update not being pushed to me.
  13. Yep, happens with non-dedicated as well. I don’t get kicked since I’m the host but my wife does. Lots of fun when we’re flying or on a boat to somewhere...
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