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  1. Invisible water and spider At the tree closest to the with east teleport there is a pool of invisible water, and I have discovered that the Bloodstalker is actually floating above the water preventing it from diving, as everyone you try to dive with it it just hits another layer of water
  2. YoU aRe BeInG TaRgEtEd By A sWaRm! There cannot be someone here who has not been attacked by swarms within 5 minutes of another, so why aren't they nerfed yet? For example, frogs deal increased damage and get cementing paste or small amounts of scrap metal Reduce aggro range Reduce spawn rate Make armor have some resistance Standing torches repel them Spawn at level one so you wouldn't need more than one torch to kill a swarm Fix how swarms can only be attacked in third person
  3. Cant fix glitches anymore, ironically
  4. Apparently they identify as beyblades now
  5. Bloodstalker webs go invisible, hlna expressions stop working, tracking missions don't progress
  6. Megalodon feeding frenzy when it attacks a creature, with more attacks increasing attack speed and damage
  7. Yes that what I was thinking, also holding b whistles follow and toggle fists is the go here command
  8. Bootstrapped controls Why is the button to glide on Xbox the same as swap perspectives? This makes it really annoying to swing around when you need to make a sudden stop
  9. Chainsaw TLC Give the chainsaw a buff to carrying wood similar to the mining laser
  10. On console from my experience on single player it's also not possible
  11. Anything that is unconscious when you teleport to a different area is apparently deleted, causing forces babysitting for however long the tame is So btw
  12. Vegetables are Prime meat for herbivores Why not make the advanced crops like carrots game herbivore like prime meat does for carnivores, because currently their just a more expensive version of mejoberrys
  13. Let us be able to drop dino s from high places to make it so people with argies can defend against raptor attacks without taking too much damage
  14. Definitely should be craftable in city terminals because like tiger said it is way too difficult to beat the bosses to unlock the replicator and gather the resources for it when the pods are already easily made
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