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  1. GenTech1000

    screenshot Raptor Paddock

    I think you’ll like them.
  2. GenTech1000

    screenshot Raptor Paddock

    Thanks. Be sure to check out my other builds and look out for my latest posts.
  3. GenTech1000

    screenshot Raptor Paddock

    Thanks! I like that you think so, however, it doesn’t due to me being unable to figure out my octagons at the time. That’s why it’s slightly different than it’s movie counterpart.
  4. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Element- A History

    Thank you my dude! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
  5. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Marcus Notes [Collection]

    28 I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my message to myself. Just a small part of what he said unnerves me. “Take care my future self. You’ve been through a lot over the centuries. You’ll have no way of preparing what’s in store. May you have the best of luck on your journey through the Arks and that you make it back home.” What did he- I mean I mean? What is in store for me? I need answers but all I’m finding are more questions. Damn! Why do I have to be so cryptic! I need answers, and I have a plan. It’s risky, and I’ll need help. I’ll need someone who knows the obelisks and the Ark’s transport system as well as I do. And who’s better at that than Santiago.
  6. GenTech1000

    Tek Dinosaurs- Why are They Here?

    Thank you for your input. At the time I posted this, I was unaware of the new explorer notes. As for my theories, the parts where the word “overseer” is placed could be easily replaced with The One Who Waits. For all we know, she could be the one causing the Tek dinosaurs to appear. Also, I’ve always thought the Arks to be more for evolving humanity rather than an “escape the prison” type deal. The ability to “Ascend” i think may also be The One Who Waits’s doing. But who knows?
  7. GenTech1000

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I did nothing much. All I really did was force kill a Rex and fiddle with the solo player settings. Other than that, nothing at all.
  8. GenTech1000

    Tek Dinosaurs- Why are They Here?

    I was focused on more of the “story” aspect to why they are here. Obviously, they are for hyping up extinction and/ or drawing back/ drawing in more players. I was just wondering what the community’s story theories. Everyone always surprises me with their ideas.
  9. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Marcus Notes [Collection]

    27 It’s only been three days and I’ve learned so much! In fact, I could say I’m even smarter than before, and that’s a big statement for me. Everyone is here because of me. I BROUGHT THEM HERE. It’s my fault they suffer in this cave. No matter, it was necessary. Humanity must survive. I read a paper called Element Induced Insanity by Harold Schmidt. Interesting read. It makes Rockwell’s condition make a lot more sense. However, after reading his paper on element mutation, Rockwell’s transformation makes only a little more sense. The introduction of pure, raw element to the human body is usually fatal. My guess is that Rockwell got extremely unlucky and survived. I feel bad for the man. He can’t ever leave the Ark. He may be able to be saved but it’s very unlikely. Shame. As for my Reaper, (who I’ve named Titus) he has grown about five feet taller. I think I got lucky on his genetics since he’s almost the size of a queen. Lucky me. He’s been eating a lot more as well. I have to get him approximately half a ton of food a day. He’s taken a liking to Karkinos meat. Right now, I’m reading a paper about bio-element revival. It’s quite interesting actually. The thought of reviving someone or something centuries or even millions of years old. In fact, it makes me think of... Helena. That must be how she’s on this Ark. The element storage chip was created long after her death, so the only way to preserve their consciousness was through that archaic human preservation process back then. However, how come Mei Yin is here too? It must be the bio-element revival process. Who wrote it... Allison Yamamoto! She must be on Ark Alpha A:1. found the way to revive people through her theory. If so, then why not revive all of those who died? It doesn’t make sense. Anyway, I have to get back to reading. I have little over a week of free time before the Exodus is complete and I want to read at least a good portion of these files. Gosh, I’m getting chills of excitement! I can’t wait to tell everyone what I’ve found!
  10. Most of us have heard of the uprising of Tek dinosaurs on the Arks. However, has any of us asked why that is so? Why are these robotic reptiles only appearing now? I have a few theories to answer those questions. The first is that they are here to force the humans off the Arks and back to Earth. By doing this, the Tek animals will hunt and kill the weak while the strong will survive, passing on the most desirable genes for the future humans. This theory is a bit of a stretch, however it may be possible. My second theory is that they have appeared to equip the humans for their return home. Extinction adds several Tek machines and many other creatures that humanity will have to face when they return. By creating stronger, better versions of creatures the humans are familiar with, the overseers may be trying to give the humans the best chance for survival. My last theory is that they’ve been on the Arks all along. They’ve just been hiding in plain sight. Every one of the Arks creatures could be a machine with a synthetic skin over an endoskeleton. This could also be why the creatures decay so oddly. They could be set to where the survivor can only harvest so much meat before the activating a self destruct protocol, restricting the survivor from reaching the technology within the creature. Those are my theories. What do you think? Why do you think the Tek dinosaurs are appearing? I would love to know.
  11. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Element- A History

    Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed reading Element- a History. It really means a lot to see the feedback from the readers of my works. I actually have considered writing professionally and have started writing a manuscript for a novel.
  12. GenTech1000

    Reaper and Nameless Connection?

    The queens are probably a product of the Ark’s cloning facilities. As stated in Helena’s explorer notes: “I knew from the holograms that I'd seen on the Island's control center that each station created it's own creatures, but I'd never seen where the process actually occurred! There were specimens for every creature that lived on the station - from dinosaurs to huge, alien looking monsters.” I’ve stated a theory in one of my fanfics on this forum. That, maybe the Arks were created in phases or waves. The first wave being natural environments with creatures such as prehistoric life and modern day animals. The second I believe was the “artificial” environments. These used an element source, such as the element river, to create new creatures for the humans of the Arks to encounter. The element was then used to mutate the flora of the environment to even further alter the environment. Some examples are the monster mushrooms in the fertile region and the freezing spores from the bioluminescent biome. So the Reapers may just be a creature created by the Arks to either: A- guard the storage of the Ark’s element/facilitates B- be just an environmental obstacle made for the humans of the Ark As for the connection between the Reapers and nameless it could be like my previous theory, or just a programmed behavioral trait made by the Arks as another obstacle for the humans. But hey, who knows but Wildcard
  13. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Marcus Notes [Collection]

    26 The hologram looked like me, however, he looked slightly different. He was bald, with markings all over his body and an implant shaped marking on his forehead. My holographic self was a great insight. For a second, I thought he might have been a copy of my old consciousness, however, I soon found out it was just a mere recording. For about ten minutes, it went on a loop. It said: “Hello my future self or whoever finds this file. I congratulate your success on finding this file in the mess of the Ark’s archive. I am Dr. Marcus Torgana of the United Governments of Earth’s Ark Alpha Program. What is the Ark Alpha Program? You can find out through the files enclosed inside this message. If you are my future self, enter the password to continue to the files you truly seek.” It took me a while to remember, but I vaguely remembered my password. I entered it and to my surprise, I was correct. The message continued. “Correct password. Hello future me. I hoped you would find this. First off, you are probably wondering about your memories. You may find certain things don’t add up or that you remember things that don’t make sense. Well, long story short, your memory has been wiped. You have been placed on this Ark for one reason, punishment. For more information on that, look up ‘Ark_Alpha_A:1 Record/T._Flint/3711‘ in this message. However, I highly suggest looking up ‘M._Torgana/profiles/advanced_description.’ There you will find an almost full description of your past and who you are. You may also be wondering why you created the Arks. Look at file ‘Ark_Archive/Element_A_History/texts.’ There you’ll find a history of element and its use by humanity as well as the reasoning for the Arks’ creation. You’ll also find a bit more about yourself within the text. Take care my future self. You’ve been through a lot over the centuries. You’ll have no way of preparing what’s in store. May you have the best of luck on your journey through the Arks and that you make it back home. Sincerely, Marcus Torgana April 19, 3712” That night, I rushed back to the settlement, and for the weeks leading up to the Exodus’s completion, I will study each of the files within my past self’s message to me.
  14. GenTech1000

    fanfiction Marcus Notes [Collection]

    25 I designed this, the very station we all live on, along with all of the others? It’s impossible, is it? The picture matches my face, but something doesn’t add up. Helena, Rockwell, and everyone else remembers their past lives before the Ark. However, if that’s the default how come I don’t? I searched every mention of my name throughout the Ark’s archive, but I found nothing but the profile. Strange how me being one of the Arks’ creators is nowhere to be found in the Ark’s archive of almost all of human history. I then looked up my initials (M. A. T.) and found something very peculiar. A message to me. Its subject was “Who you are”. Without a moment of hesitation, I opened the file. All of a sudden, my implant vibrated, shaking my entire arm. I tried to stop it, but my actions had no effect. Suddenly, a shroud of blue holograms surrounded me. Hundreds of files were at my disposal, and in the middle of them all, was a hologram of me.
  15. My question is simple. What do YOU think created the titans in Ark: Extinction? I believe it may be due to the the corrupted element’s mutagenic properties altering some mammalian species of animal. I also think it might have been made by the cloning facilities from some spare Arks on Earth.