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  1. GenTech1000

    video Official Valguero map trailer (Mod contest)

    Beautiful map. I love the idea of mountains surrounding the Ark rather than ocean. It makes it unique and incredible in its own way. As for the future, I simply cannot wait. The new biomes look incredible and the thought of an underground ocean is mind blowing. As for the Tek and Aberration caves, I’m excited to see what you come up with. I for one, am a huge fan of Ark’s Tek paraphernalia, and am eager to see where you go with the Tek Cave. As for the Aberration cave, I’m positive you’ll do exceptionally well with it. You have enough materials your disposal, however, your ability to create something incredible and unique from the basic Ark materials makes me certain you’ll do well. The Thyla nest/ cave is an interesting idea. I would have never have thought of such a thing and am eager to see it. All in all, excellent work and can’t wait to see what you do with Valguero in the future. Good luck in the modding contest! I’m certain you’ll do well!
  2. GenTech1000

    screenshot Redwood Abode- What do you think?

    I am sorry my dear friend. May the gods of WC hopefully bring you mods someday.
  3. GenTech1000

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I finally finished my Redwood Abode. It came out great! Here's a link to some pics. Also, I don't know what to build next, any suggestions?
  4. GenTech1000

    screenshot Redwood Abode- What do you think?

    I thought it looked like a car ad before making this. Lol.