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  1. 17 Bastards, all of them. Those conceited s**ts are trying to destroy all of my hard work, my legacy! Who do they think they are? What convoluted b******t formed in their puny minds that led them to this? Those— [section deleted] Allow me to explain my frustration. From what I read, the Reseed Protocol is what the name entails, the return of the ARKs to Earth and the restart of humanity. What it fails to mention is the complete destruction of all Element on Earth. The idea alone is insane. Regardless of my connection to Element and the time I put into it, why deprive the survivors of such a gift? There is only a few reasons for this: - A) Anti-Element sentiment made it to ARK Alpha A:1. - B) Something has rendered Element unsafe. - C) An unknown cause. I’ve searched all the files for answers, but everything is in that code. The English files stop a few hundred years after my punishment, so I’m thinking whoever started this code was trying to cover their tracks. As for the translation effort, minor progress has been made. I checked in with Trevor the other day. He has done well, however, he is nowhere close to a clear answer. Luckily, what he has deciphered is meaningless, just regular records. I’ll have to keep an eye on him. Santiago’s still working on my MEK bug. As expected, his responses have gotten more and more physical. He’s broken four data pads in the past week alone... make that five. At least with Trevor working on the code I have a bit more free time. It just makes watching Santiago suffer all the sweeter.
  2. 16 I have made little to no progress in the past few days, nearing a week at this point. So, I decided to seek out help, finding it working in the refinery. Trevor used to work as an archeologist back in the day, and specialized in linguistics and the translation of ancient languages. Sadly, he he understood it no better than I. He did attempt to translate it, but due to the nature of the text, he was lost. I gave him copies of some of the records in order to see what he could do, but haven’t heard from him in quite some time. I put a word in to put him on paid leave in order to force him into the work. For all I know, he’s just taking advantage my kindness. I’ll check on him soon, but for now I have other matters to attend to. While most of files from the ARK a Station were in this code, I was able to find records in English, most of which charts and data pertaining to the ARKs’ functions at the time, yet many of which mentioned something called a “Reseed Protocol.” I do not remember such a thing. Luckily, I have thousands of files and all the time in the world too find out.
  3. Is it bad that I predicted the Thriller parody before watching the trailer?
  4. 15 I made no discoveries of note, only finding basic machinery and dust. Helena, however, found something quite interesting. A small, glowing object. I barely got to see it before she quickly stashed it. I’ll have to find a way to get a better look at it. We returned to Camp within the hour. The moment we returned, Santiago started pilot testing for the MEKs. Guess he got frustrated by the simulations and is trying to focus on something else. I was tested pretty late, being about the sixtieth to be called. Santiago ran a few scans and whatnot, gave a quick brief about the controls, and then I was helped into the MEK. (of course, not by Santiago) I tried my hand at his “Beta Level piloting” and found it confusing. The neural link seemed to be the easiest part, many of my old creations used such a link, but the rest of the interface was off. The motion sensors tracked my movement, however, there was a delay between my movements and the machinery. I collapsed after taking a mere three steps. Santiago was confused by my performance. Apparently, my scans showed that I was a promising candidate for the MEKs. I told him my criticisms of the interface and was surprised to learn that the sensors worked fine; it was my brain. It seems that my brain functions interfered with the link, causing an information overload. He said that my mind just “can’t focus enough for me to be pilot.” I was cut from the project, given a feeble promise that I could try again in the future. Can’t focus enough? If it wasn’t for my focus, you wouldn’t be here Santiago. I made you?!? Interesting, why does this anger me? Do I really want to pilot the MEKs? No, that isn’t it. Frustration? Yes, I’m tired of being useless. I want to do something more, to find a way to fix my mistakes. To fix our home. I may not be able to pilot the MEKs, but I can do something else. This failure, while being an annoyance, can be turned into something better. Now I’m free to focus on other projects, specifically the decryption of these files. In them I will find answers, for we need some solutions and my memory is still incomplete. I’d think I’d remember everything by now, but some events still are not adding up in my head. The records I left for myself only partially helped, and I recently discovered that a large portion of them are corrupted or deleted. At least a few key files survived. I’m going to need a team. I’m no linguist, and I’ve never messed with this type of decryption. All will have to swear to secrecy, and with my current standing with the people, I cannot trust anyone that much. Guess I’m alone in this venture. Great.
  5. 14 I’ve been here for two hours, and it’s starting to annoy me. There’s millions upon millions of files stored here, but it is not the amount of files that bothers me, it’s the content. Most of the records are in some hexagonal-ish, hieroglyph type s*** and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I brought some of the other guys over to have a crack at it and they did no better than I did. Should have expected such. Well, at least some records are in English, most of which being copied from ARK Alpha A:1. Guess this was some communications station between the those who stayed behind and those up on the ARKs. I downloaded all I could to an element chip. I’d have to decipher this myself. The upgrades to my armor were useless. The only time it really helped was when a chunk of the ceiling fell on me. I’m fine, but it still smarts though. Anyway, we’ll continue our exploration. Hopefully we can find something better than these god forsaken files.
  6. 13 I must admit, I was expecting more. Sure, the structure is magnificent and a sight to behold, but it is nothing compared to the halls of the ARKs. There’s rust all over the place. Did the old humans revert to using regular steel or an Element-steel alloy? Odd, I remember there being plenty of Element in stockpiles, enough to build hundreds of cities like the one on the surface. What made it all disappear? Regardless, there’s one thing I seek in this place, information. There must be centuries of it here, a lot of which concerning Earth in her final days. Information of the last of the old humans and how I caused their downfall. I must use extreme caution. If anyone was to find any information about my creation, I’d be executed at the worst, exiled or jailed at the least. Mei-Yin is stalking around. I can tell she is bored out of her mind. Helena probably coerced her into coming. Helena is very interested in all of this, asking dozens of questions, with a lot of my answers being speculation. It’s interesting how they both get along. I guess opposites really do attract. Now that I think about the two of them, Mei-Yin is staying awful close to Helena, like a lion to her cub. Is she protecting her? Interesting... Anyway, I digress. I will begin searching and update whenever I find any data of value.
  7. Again, another great build! You sir, have shown your skill time and time again, and each time you amaze me. Well done and continue the great work.
  8. First off not origami since you used glue and made cuts, but it is very impressive. (Search kirigami) You are a truly talented artist and your models are of very good quality. I am shocked at how they are man made. They look 3D-printed or machine-made, and the fact that you did this amazes me. Every piece fits together perfectly, with very few odd lines. The fact that you also designed these from scratch is even more impressive. You took your time on your work and it shows. Well done.
  9. 12 A week into the simulation testing, and Santiago is still going strong. It’s only a matter of time before he burns out. He’s already starting to make mistakes, albeit minor ones, but it’s a start. I set the error message and with his next test, he’ll be greeted by a screen that he’ll need to get aquatinted with. On another note, I’ve been studying the behavior of the infected and discovered their attraction to the Orbital Supply Drops (OSDs) and Element nodes. The OSDs are of unknown origin to me. Maybe they were designed for the humans to have a continuous supply of materials from the ARKs? Either way, the infected swarm around these, coming in hordes. This behavior is also shown with the Element nodes. The only similarity between both instances is that large quantities of Element are present, leading me to believe that the infected are attracted to the Element for some reason. I’ll have to get some crews to look into this. Helena invited me to go with her to explore some structure and I accepted gladly. For once in my life, I’m tired of being cooped up in a lab. I was hoping that they thought my expertise would be better than Santiago. However, when I asked them why I was chosen, I was bitterly disappointed to find out I was the second option. That Mei-Yin is brutally honest. Anyway, now I have to prepare for the journey. I would bring Titus, but he’s far too large. At least I now have a reason to work with my TEK armor. After the gravity grenades, I need to work on something that I want to work on. Maybe I could add a personal shield or try implementing some of that teleportation tech from the Enforcers? Note- Experiment with Enforcer tele. tech integration into TEK armor.
  10. I’m with d1nk on this one. The writing is clunky and hard to follow, and the script-like writing style didn’t help either. Certain plot points are a little odd, such as the colonists consuming 4x the food a day and Dalan surviving a fall from the upper atmosphere, causing the story to lack the fluidity and structure it truly needs. The overall story isn’t that impressive due to the predictability of several areas and a very simplistic nature, causing it to lack much interest. The reasoning for some of the plot points is also confusing, with several events happening just for the furthering of the plot. Furthermore, you seem to lack any knowledge of the current story. Sure, the game’s story isn’t so clear and requires hours of exploration, but somehow, with all of the other fanfiction, videos, and other content, you know nothing of the story. This leads to the timing. Why make a theoretical story for ARK when the story has already been developed? It been a while since ARK was was in early-access back in 2014. Back then, these theoretical fanfics were commonplace. Now they just seem out of place. Overall, if you work on your writing, do your research, and learn your timing, it will greatly improve any stories you write in the future. Try making drafts-something like this story would do- and move on from there. Create vivid paintings of imagery and engulf yourself and the reader in the story. Make it something that you both can enjoy and then polish it off. Constant revision is a part of the writing process. After you do at least some of the steps, then post it. Keep up the good work.
  11. 11 I have to thank Santiago for the idea, for It was his failure that inspired it. I had him turn in his designs to my team so we could see what we needed to do, and yet again I’m impressed by his work. His latest designs suggest using the Enforcer teleportation tech as his way to merge the MEKs. This, while being a huge leap in atomic manipulation, is extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. No wonder he wants to use simulations, if he makes a mistake he turns his MEKs into atomic bombs. The process was slower than I would have liked, but we finished the project in three days. Now, you might be wondering what I planned for poor Santiago. Santiago is driven by failure, like gasoline poured onto a fire, he will work until he burns out. So, I planted a bug to where I can access his work and edit or control the program. I’ll edit a few figures, letting him slowly get closer to his goal, and then I’ll trap him in an endless loop of failure. With every test, all he will see is an error screen. Sure, it’s a little petty, but after a week of peace, it’s time for a little anarchy. Soon, he’ll work himself to death over it, probably having a meltdown later on, and then I’ll let him solve it. If he truly breaks, I could take the lead of the MEK project, but at the moment it wouldn’t be the most advantageous thing to do. The people have placed their allegiance with him, but after a few weeks of Santiago tearing himself apart, they may shift support. Then I will be able to take control.
  12. 10 The demonstration went relatively smoothly. There was a moment where I overshot one of my grenades and had a shard of glass shoot at the viewing area, but the only thing that suffered was the pants of one of the older Council members. I swear I smelt urine has he shook my hand, and stain forming on his right leg confirmed it. Good. If he scares easily, then I might be able to use that to my advantage. Santiago has fallen under a horrid spell of creative block. For the past few days, he would barely make any progress, often staring at his formulas on his data pad for hours on end. Finally, he came to me and asked for some aid. I could tell he didn’t want the help, he literally grimaced as he asked for it, but I accepted. It felt good to see the man squirm like the leech he is. He wanted me to help him by creating a simulation program for his newer experiments. He was also very clear to point out that, if he was to perform real life experiments, “the smallest of errors could yield catastrophic results.” An idea blossomed within the depths of my mind, and I lead him on, reassuring him that I’d see what I could do and whatnot. After he left, I spent the rest of the afternoon gathering some programmers and started the planning for Santiago’s “simulation program”.
  13. 9 I’ve finished my preparations. I was able to conceal most of the scratch marks with some debris and Element paste. It took a while, but I think it was time well spent. I’ve tested a few grenades and found that all of it stays in place, so I should be fine to bring the Council to the test site. I made them a little bunker to hide in during the demonstration. I also put together some dummies to show them the grenades’ effect on an object. If all goes according to plan, no one should suspect a thing. Santiago has also made good progress with his MEKs. He finally has a stable prototype and is ready to continue with his plans for the project. I’ve looked over his plans and I’m impressed. His knowledge of the Enforcer teleportation technology is impeccable, and his designs for a modular weapons system shows promise. Hopefully, he doesn’t take too long to develop these. After a few days of watching him fail, it really started to bore me. In addition, him working far into the night drove me crazy. I had to get my quarters moved so I could actually get some sleep. Regardless, I’m excited to see where this project leads. As for Santiago, I’m thinking of a way to break him. He’s starting to grow complacent, and for now I’ll let him have his peace. All will come in due time.
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