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  1. ZedFilesGames

    video Halloween Building Contest!

    Welcome to the new series: Ascendant Arkitects, an Ark building contest series with many contenders. This month's theme is Halloween and the Fall (Autumn). All contenders have till the end of the month to make something Halloween or Fall based, when the time is up the judges will come around (including Kane, the server admin) and judge everyone's builds.
  2. Every Extinction Chronicle Ark throws in a Tek Creature , a new variety of vibrant colors , three new tek explorer notes and a new skin piece part of the corrupt set for the new Ark Extinction DLC. The first minute and 40 seconds is me explaining the Extinction Chronicles and the Tek Creatures, and the other 9 minutes is all about which best top 5 Tek Dino's that we want to see next. I composed this list with a group of around 10 people. (Thanks to those guys and girls). Tek Dodo Artwork: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/351135-tek-dodo/ Tek Dinos+ Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=907245285
  3. My first Ark Pixel Art, a 44x44 ceiling pixel art. That's 1936 ceilings total! (Except the border is made up of foundations). Hopefully Syntac himself one day sees this! Music Used: Conquer by Ivan Shivers Long Road Home by Inukshuk Cetus by Lensko
  4. Hahahaha, one day I'll find his match!
  5. Today we compare the Terror Bird and the Ravager through a series of 11 tests in another episode of Ark Insight. If you guys enjoyed the video, subscribing and liking really helps me out. To see music details, see description of video through YouTube.
  6. ZedFilesGames

    video How to tame a Giant Crab (Karkinos)

    haha, basically sums up the video
  7. ZedFilesGames

    video Ravager or Raptor? In Depth Comparison

    Hahaha, yeah go bat-dog!
  8. ZedFilesGames

    screenshot What Do You Think?-2.0

    ITS GREAT! Thats gotta be one of my favorite builds yet! I love how its built into the terrain and it looks SO COMFY inside!
  9. ZedFilesGames

    screenshot lovely fluffy argy

    Nice Argy! I think the name “Cloud“ would suit it, but you probably already named it haha.
  10. ZedFilesGames

    screenshot my honeys and my bro

    Is that Ark Mobile?
  11. ZedFilesGames

    screenshot An ideal relationship

    Awesome Screenshot!
  12. ZedFilesGames

    screenshot Family Photo

    Nice! I like the red Giga and Thyla
  13. Ravager from Aberration or the Raptor from the Island? The Aberrant Raptor has very few differences from the normal raptor, and nearly none at all at lvl 1, so this video will help to decide which mount you should choose to ride in Aberration. There is a series of 11 tests for both of the creatures to pass, each test has a winner. Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video or found it helpful! It really helps me out! Ravager VS Direwolf, Sabertooth, Direbear and Thylacoleo: Click here for that video If you want to see more videos from me check out my channel! Click to view my channel
  14. ZedFilesGames

    video How to tame a Giant Crab (Karkinos)

    Happy the video helped 😁