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  1. Is it bad that I predicted the Thriller parody before watching the trailer?
  2. I finally finished my Redwood Abode. It came out great! Here's a link to some pics. Also, I don't know what to build next, any suggestions?
  3. I did nothing much. All I really did was force kill a Rex and fiddle with the solo player settings. Other than that, nothing at all.
  4. I did some more tweaking to my cabin, as well as start construction on a new house. I was able to get a rough exterior completed and will probably finish it tomorrow. Progress on my underwater research lab is at a standstill for now.
  5. Try out the building system. If you know what you’re doing you can create incredible things.
  6. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you might be able to make it into more of a Italian villa by raising the roof and making it to some points. However, if you want to leave it as it is, you could make a wonderful kitchen and living room downstairs/workshop downstairs. As for the second story, you could cut out a portion of the room and make a landing pad for some flyers. The rest could be a living space with a bathroom and maybe a few bedrooms. However, the opportunities of the space are endless.
  7. I hopped on single player and continued construction on my velociraptor pen. I also tweaked the parking spot for my log cabin and started building an underwater research lab. You know, the usual. What about everyone else?
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