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  1. It is the same armor. its even the same color. Why would they put it in the art work and not in the end credit? I 100% think it is the same
  2. The top one is the mouth and eyes of a tek rex
  3. Been in Dev kit for years. Was a test I think for the overseer fight with the morphing process of the overseer
  4. Yer this sounds familiar to a lot of players. The only way to fix this is put in a ticket im afraid. It would require Moderator help. Even then, I doubt you would get your character back. I am very sorry dude
  5. OK thats cools but what do we learn from it? Seems to be some sort of analysis of the survivor to me
  6. Sorry, I thought we were using this thread for lore and theory. MY BAD! not like I have been following this thread for the whole time its been up or anything. But who am I but a lonely little Dodo
  7. As far as i know Ragnarok is not part of the lore
  8. I dont get why this is relevant to the subject. I was just pointing out what was in the pic.
  9. Erm.. it was announced as Magmasaur in their reveals.
  10. Very interesting thought. JUST SOME THOUGHTS: URE (United Republic of Earth) to me says that THEY went to the moon or space at some point. If not , why have the word Earth in it? The Federation is Earth bound. The lunar biome is not Earth's as the Dev said it orbits another planet. Watch the trailer again as Helena intereacts with HLN-A and then fades away. Then watch HLN-A interact with REALITY? Why is the Genesis Sim a cylinder like the trailer shows? What void are we sat in in that trailer? I think your view Hippo is very good. The fighting could have gone beyond Earth after Santiago's time.
  11. YES PLEASE!!! WOULD find that so different in Ark!
  12. I might be wrong but I am sure I read somewhere in Rockwell or Helena's notes that Rockwell infused survivors with Element and the result was death or the NAMELESS appearing. Also, since HLN-A says that aberration could have been created to test element, was Rockwell (A lunatic) added to the system to contribute to element's experimentation? I know he is a survivor all the way from island but, it is a system.
  13. I also really like this lore detail, the notes indicate this could be an actual Home Deus we see in the overseer chamber.
  14. That is an interesting thought. If you were offered the chance to become a Godlike being would you take it? I bet a lot would think it was a ruse or even beyond them. Also, It could be that the ones who became Deus were to use their gift to support the Arks as they power one per Deus.
  15. What is also interesting is that the Homo Deus are "some" human's who evolved. But others chose not to? I would love to know more about this
  16. I am not an "I told you so" kind of person, So I will say nothing on the explorer notes on Extinciton. But I love your reasoning on here. Very interesting concept. Love the idea that the Genesis Sim is to run away I love this story
  17. Fair enough, I retract my statement. As for the trike, its is sort of mentioned as being part of the City defence system
  18. I dont know why you both keep focusing on this; the Chronicles have not fished yet. So making that assumption 2 months before release is unwise. The last chronicles gave us HLN-A notes on Aberration which was new as the first lot were only island and SE. I do agree with Hippo that I think A LOT of time has passed since Extinction. That would fit with the story not quite continuing from extinction but would also allow time for Rockwell to do whatever he was going to do for the story. not sure, but I would be sad if it was a prequel or intermediate of the other stories. Loving this discussion though
  19. I cannot accept that this is a prequel. So I agree that it is not pre-extinction. I would surmise based on the trailer and other information, such as recent live streams, that this is Right after Extinction but does not carry on the main story. I think it will be a tangent. The fact that the lead dev said that out skin is clean and we have no scar is interesting. It may be because after we initiated the reseed protocol we were taken into the Simulation straight away and what we see is a digital version of ourselves? not sure but fascinating stuff.
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