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  1. It is the same armor. its even the same color. Why would they put it in the art work and not in the end credit? I 100% think it is the same
  2. Even still you do get them. Rustle some feathers gave us a 400 armor saddle. so that is the one to do
  3. You can get an astrocetus saddle from one or 2 missions such as the Moeder and Rustle some Feathers. However, you will only be able to fly the astro and not use its turrets or bomber mode You hve to defeat the Beta Master Controller to unlock the tekgram and use it fully
  4. Yer i understand that. Such a shame the potential for items and dinos is dictated purely by official playerbase. (at least that is what it seems.) But they produced a game i have 7k hours in, so not complaining
  5. I can just manage the Alpha races with 3 seconds to spare, if im lucky. So they are tight
  6. Suggestion for Astrocetus Warp I doubt the wildcard team would have the desire to enact a larger change to the Astro's warp but I will offer it anyway with the Com managers tag @Cedric @ZenRowe I love the idea that was presented where we could warp around the map, however the current iteration of it is disappointing. This may be due to reasons I am unfamiliar with but here is my suggestion. The wild Astro will teleport and completely disappear from view, very cool. Why not have it that when a player warps, they move similar to the cruise missile where you can control for a short time the warp "Bubble" lets say and move at a faster rate, much faster to teleport a greater distance and when you reach the end of the warp (or cancel it) you appear at that spot. You could make it so that the Cosmic power runs down during this travel like stam. I really love the new creatures, so dont take this as much of criticism but rather a request. Make Astrocetus as cool as you made them sound in the dev stream. The result is disappointing to me personally. Thanks for reading!
  7. You do realise the Loot crate pass was for ALLLLL loot crates, not just Gene ones? Also the green Gene pack gives tek including claws and cruise missles...
  8. Merging can only be done with the king titan so you obviosuly mean the king titan fight.
  9. With all due respect, you can't just throw dinos at a titan. it has to be spcific ones and rexes dont cut it.
  10. @Cedric This issue is also confirmed on my server
  11. go on SP and test
  12. Leebum

    Ocean boss

    It is the gamme controller
  13. Leebum

    Ocean boss

    I have done all fights for the Moeder. It unlocks only the Sensor and Grenade launcher. It is easily killed with 4 squid of 40khp and 200 armor saddles on alpha make sure u have health brews and other armor
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