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  1. I'd you are looking for a PC server then Arks Gambit is a clustered map with friendly pvp
  2. Been in Dev kit for years. Was a test I think for the overseer fight with the morphing process of the overseer
  3. Try transferring or dying. The HLNA is a skin so therefore respawns as such when you transfer or upload and download yourself
  4. This is a ridiculous assumption(and if its a joke, it is not original) Its the holiday season and even Wildcard members have a right to have time off.
  5. Yer this sounds familiar to a lot of players. The only way to fix this is put in a ticket im afraid. It would require Moderator help. Even then, I doubt you would get your character back. I am very sorry dude
  6. OK thats cools but what do we learn from it? Seems to be some sort of analysis of the survivor to me
  7. You need to be more specific. If you are on Official: no If you are Single player: yes If you are Unofficial: not unless owner wants to
  8. Another example: On my server we tamed a 145 giga and it maxed out at about 950 damage per bite. We bred it with another and the full adult giga that came from it now hits for 2400. So that coupled with the AOE makes them amazing for drops. You could easily solo a red ORB drop with a bred giga.
  9. Paragraphs work very well. It means you can at least have a chance of reading a post without losing your place or eyes freaking out with all the TEXT! Thank you
  10. Plant turret shred Corrupted. do 36 per shot unlike 10 per shot with autos Sorted
  11. It is an ice "Jumper" and it seems it has been used for too long as a sort of flier. So this nerf makes sense in THAT way
  12. Its a tough decision on the Devs. Should they nerf or remove. Well since removing is not really an option, then nerf nerf nerf. BUT, the plus side is this may encourage bringing older dinos out of storage such as Wyverns. I dont really use them since Mana is fastest way of travelling.
  13. Sorry, I thought we were using this thread for lore and theory. MY BAD! not like I have been following this thread for the whole time its been up or anything. But who am I but a lonely little Dodo
  14. This guys makes LOADs of assumptions. Assuming why someone plays official and what Cedrics motive was. Wow. I started playing unofficial myself because of the players not the duping or meshing. and that was 3 years ago
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