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  1. Merging can only be done with the king titan so you obviosuly mean the king titan fight.
  2. With all due respect, you can't just throw dinos at a titan. it has to be spcific ones and rexes dont cut it.
  3. @Cedric This issue is also confirmed on my server
  4. go on SP and test
  5. Leebum

    Ocean boss

    It is the gamme controller
  6. Leebum

    Ocean boss

    I have done all fights for the Moeder. It unlocks only the Sensor and Grenade launcher. It is easily killed with 4 squid of 40khp and 200 armor saddles on alpha make sure u have health brews and other armor
  7. Astrocetus saddle tekgram? Has anyone figured out where you get this tekgram? I cant find anything on it. If it is indeed the end boss you need to defeat, as i suspect then they made taming the whale WAYYYY easier than getting its saddle.
  8. Bloodstalkers picking you off Bloodstalker Please can it be considered that the Blodstalker doesnt pick you off a tamed one? It is actually preventing me from swinging around the biome cos i got picked midair and i lost my Bloodstalker . Its a great biome but these are ruining us enjoying the full extent of this amazing tame.
  9. I have been testing taming these for 2 days now (not alllll day obviously) and What i have determinded is this: Something is not right with the taming, i dont think it is 100% intended. Also, once u have a male and female tamed u can breed them, so 2k blood should be enough for a mating pair at least.
  10. Agree. Well fun and the lore is very good
  11. The top one is the mouth and eyes of a tek rex
  12. You have said nothing different to the OP. Your suggestions are also moot because, who is gonna apply it? We all have good ideas as to how to "fix" this "dying" game and yet, it is still very popular, 13th down the list of top selling mmo's on steam, 5th down on "whats popular" in Adventure... and VERY POSITIVE REVIEWS AND 50k playerbase is a lot 5 years later... a lot. A lot of games "die" within a couple of years with a few rare exceptions. All in all, this seems to be just another complaints thread with no real contribution to the community.
  13. I would also like to see proof of it "dying" since there are still thousands of players playing. Last I heard it was 50k per day still
  14. I hate to break it to you but its 29th of Jan today
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