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  1. photonicle

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    logged in, got wiped again on PvP small tribes, 4th time in the past 3 weeks! Gasbags are supposed to be heavy good carriers, instead they soak bases better than a lv 290 kibble tamed HP golem with 200 pigs healing it and 99 snow owls healing it. Long live the meta's ?
  2. photonicle

    Welcome To Lag

    DC'ing is part of the survival experience, If you live 'to long' the game will kick you whilst around hoards of creatures so you can log in and lose a tame and your gear which is really super fun right? FUN ! ask my mate #Joebl0w13 he will tell ya
  3. photonicle

    Boxed in quetzal raids to OP

    its not a boxed quetzal its a Smart Quetzal! boxed=against rules / roof protection=innovative putting turrets and PSX on the ground stop it so as they say' ''get gud scrub''
  4. photonicle

    I think IT IS TIME to release these...

    Ark need to integrate something new, no more dino's ark, we need tek!
  5. photonicle

    Cryo changes needed.

    should also show how the dino is feeling... i mean in general
  6. photonicle

    I think IT IS TIME to release these...

    I like where your going with this, and like you say, its a shame a full end game tek base will look at a primitive anky and say 'hit rock for me, me need metal!' End game is a challenge but worthless if half the time you still continue like a beach bob to gather resources. Tek Anky with a nano technology saddle allows it to double resource gathering and improves power with melee%, metal weights extremely little due to tek enhanced muscle integration allowing the anky to carry significantly more, the saddle will convert metal into ingots on the go, tail swings and metal conversions require element to run. Metal nodes are illuminated whilst mounting the Anky. Tek fighter Quetzal saddle allows speed boosts in flight, this saddle sacrifices any platform ability to improve speed and manoeuvrability , The saddle has a integrated fast fire Tek Gatling gun but requires larger quantities to maintain fire and speed. (Finally, a purpose for quetzals again now they only fly at 1mph) Tek Dodic (I love this idea) holding down LT allows a spin charge which can allow it to fly forwards and auto collects resources during the mega roll. (kinda like sonic the hedgehog) this attack can be used to harvest large amounts of resources or charge at enemy gates and defences.
  7. photonicle

    I think IT IS TIME to release these...

    mining lazer would be great, its been mentioned for years, the weight will be a issue hence you need something to manage the weight, Even if you create a TEK SADDLE to a quetzal that boosts weight vs. Metal and its weapon is only for harvesting. Quetzal shoots a lazer from tip of beak, destroys node, metal goes direct to inventory weighs 50 per 200 stack. (75%) reduction, saddles contains reactive element that burns Metal to ingots, ingots also weighing 50 per 200 stack. Mining multiplier to be that of Anky with 1200% melee so anky cannot become meta vs. TEK. 400 metal per metal node, 700 per rich metal node. There you have it, TEK FARMING.
  8. photonicle

    About fishing

    or boots, might catch a boot
  9. photonicle

    Raw Meat Stack size

    i'm guessing 2500 per stack would be good as we are going completely insane
  10. photonicle

    Show Mutations in blue

    Hello, I am breeding alot but there is no need WC to hide mutation stats upon birth, Yes you can work them out and record mother and farther stats but why hide them in the first place? its petty and annoying. When a baby is born with a mutation why cant it sat Mutation Melle +1 or +2 etc and show it on the tame stats for EG... 1200 HP 3000 tam 755 weight +1 338% melee This will help massively seeing this in baby stats. obviously if the mutation is - it could be show in Red.
  11. photonicle

    Reset servers. New servers again summer 2019

    2 naked's saying that with one post each... hmmm
  12. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    I logged on to a inside job aftermath, all turrets turned off, all dino's gone and even Mr Squishy ? (he was my anky)
  13. photonicle

    About fishing

    bored huh? me to. I woke up this morning to my alarm in a cold room but my blanket was so warm and I was so comfy, wrapped up in a soft bed in silence.. I decided to turn my alarm off and try to move, quick log in on ark for a cheeky imprint then up and ready to work. Got my my car, was so cold! Turned the key to a awful song on the radio... typical Tuesday... went to the shop via work and grabbed a tune sandwich and some cigarettes to ease the pain of the day ahead... Finally arrive in work, it's quite and know one has arrived yet, No planes or cars as it is so early.. just a few bird songs whistling in the distance.. I light my first cigarette and breath in the stale smoke whilst imagining my day from start to finish... a long painful hour each time until the day has done its bidding with me. wasted time working for a company who earn 10x what I do a year each month... sickness in my stomach raising up thinking about it so I clear my mind... grab a coffee in work and sit at my desk... feels like this everyday.. Groundhogs day everyday until the weekend when my time is owned by me... a grey world, cold and absorbing... until tomorrow my friend... until tomorrow.
  14. photonicle

    Terrible Port and Product

    I hate to say it but No Other Game Is Like Ark Cod and Battlefield, WOW and games like that people play can confer player feedback over many years until a game is balanced and well coded' by that time they bring out a new game to spice things up but.. ARK's biggest battle is it is so unique, and heavily coded in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ways!! for eg.. It has gun fights, air fights, ground fights' water fights, boss fights, weapon varients, dino types, stats, varients, breeding, taming, kibbles, building! decaying! multiple maps, consistent 70 players all with thier own players, colour bases weapons dino's then you get the wild dino's with stats, including AI! and physics, berries, bushes, despawing, re-spawning area's new players joining, transfers in and out' ARK is a game WAY ahead of its time, it is a complete overhaul of idea's and what if's and continues to grow... in my opinion - HTF did they manage it even this far?? With abit more experience and feedback, a few more balances and server upgrades ARK could be a game that will go on for centuries.. Ya know what lets ARK down? Modern computers and tech.. its to primitive for this beast' Im glad I got a go on it now rather than 50 years time when computers can handle her
  15. Now we are able to craft certain TEK items and structures, small TEK drones and even MEK's! is it to much to focus evolving for the advanced tribes' the way they can conduct simple tasks? We see tek bases slugging a Argy around with a poor anky dangling down wacking his tail about from day one to the last... it's abit primitive considering some bases doing this have Meks, Tek saddles on dinos and a tek base, force field, tek turrets and teleporters, etc etc.. What I am suggesting is you identify a way to promote and encourage survivers to get good and evolve from thatch and wooden huts, strive harder to survive, breed and grow' complete boss battles so they can reap the rewards of tek! I played since day one and as a solo guy I have only just got my full tek suit and rifle! flew around feeling so much self reward! I earned this! I got this far! So I dont think it would be too far fetched to request a TEK integration of new farming equipment to match the advancements seen of the tribes who acquire them. Tek Cargo Ship: crafted with electronics, element, metal and poly and Im talking HUGE amounts! you can create a Tek Air Pad - with this you receive a Tek Cargo Ship. Simple and effective heavy weight duty ship. can fly faster than a quetzal, opening cargo hold in the rear and a mining lazer on the front for easier metal farming, self converts metal in to Ingots upon collection, same space cooking speed of a Industrial Forge. not crazy HP but runs on tek and just allows the game to look awesome! Tek Fighters: Crafted again like the Cargo Ship however! these fast agile fighters are slightly cheaper and require advanced bullets to run a gun on the nose, runs on element again but does not require a tek air pad to spawn. These do not have to be huge ships Im talking slightly larger than a qeutzal for a cargo ship and argy size ish for a tek fighter craft. What yal think? Can ark integrate tek craft yet? are they really THAT game breaking considering the current advancements available already?