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  1. Patch made it rubbish it ran smoother on xbox one x and the crashes were bearable lol now its rubbish again. It seemed to have higher fps
  2. logged in, got wiped again on PvP small tribes, 4th time in the past 3 weeks! Gasbags are supposed to be heavy good carriers, instead they soak bases better than a lv 290 kibble tamed HP golem with 200 pigs healing it and 99 snow owls healing it. Long live the meta's ?
  3. packed up my entire base and tames inc. giga and rex's and moved to a new server because I heard someone had a Managamr near my base.
  4. This community crunch is all about raptors being so deadly... no they are not deadly! we wanna respawn as low food and water and next to a bed so we run at them and feed ourselves to them lol they are therefore Greedy not Deadly
  5. WildCard Message. Hi All! We really hope you enjoyed the broken Managarmr and the new map with huge potential so far besides the Game Braking Titans. We decided to not improve the map and balance everything out but instead destroy it and open it up to all the hidden mega tribes to transfer and destroy every base and kill off all the bloodlines you may have gained through breeding' and then they lock the servers down and kill ark once and for all. It was a easy decision for us at WildCard to be lazy and ruin our first bit of good work so please keep playing? and please don't quit! we have loads of game destroying and time wasting ideas to throw at you all yet. Love WildCard
  6. Seriously, I need some idea's, hitting rocks to dubstep and gathering thatch to drum n' bass is not cool. Taming to opera and mating to rnb is not working for me... What do you play whilst the grind is real?
  7. tf im on console I applaud you PC gamers making it good for us. ty all
  8. Na, you my friend are wrong The problem is there is away to play this map, and they have been balancing dino's to not be able to over power or under power the intended mechanics of the map, OSD's and Element veins etc.. by allowing tranfers there will be waves of unbalanced dino's coming in that can abuse the mechanics we have adapted to with the tools and dino's given. A wyverns can solo everything and kill anything on this map, a rock drake will slaughter everything, same as reapers etc.... They are basically opening the map that works to a unbalanced mess of over bred and over powered dino's hoards which will finish this map! Brains cells are being lacked this day......
  9. Maybe closed maps could be a new feature, EU-CLOSEDMAP-EXTINCTION-PVP.smalltribes I can see this being a very fun game mode, you build a community on PVP outta mutual respect, sometimes server rules that everyone can abide by! and then if any noobs join and build and troll you can attack them. thats fun.. But when unknown trolls invade a server when you are offline bringing Giga's and Titans, Wyverns etc.. you are rendered defensless.. Ark devs. Realise this please! People cannot be on the game 24/7 even if it is PVP and raids are always going to happen, you missed the primary aspect of PVP when implicating server transfer! a blind move and quite irresponsible... PvP IS PLAYER VS PLAYER! by doing what you do...-_- it is PvB! player vs Base! People raid when you are offline! as in they are living and breathing in the real world. why cant you respect that?? the second we go off it makes the server population low and raiders see this and destroy months of work, built communities and years sometimes of breeding lines! You need to get together and say "PvP! what is PvP and how can we implement it in to Ark fairly and evenly for our community?" The answer is not always be online, worry like hell all day every day and log on preying you have not been blown up just because you went to work or saw your girlfriend..... Think about it.
  10. photonicle

    RIP Velo's

    WTH???? MAG is now as powerful as the old Velo pre nerf... TF Are you doing in the Wildcard??????? you ruin one dino and super buff another to a point where the old velo seems actually weaker than it! MAG is now a giga-wyvern-8th Gen super Rex in terms of damage
  11. If you knock out the santa gacha and feed him owl pellets he poo's out gifts like crazy
  12. buff santas gacha helpers. gives nothing mannnn ? had a few dumb hats and they only spawn in one place on extinction, happens to be the other side of the map
  13. photonicle

    RIP Velo's

    I noticed the Velonasaur has been patched slightly, AoE accuracy? does this mean it is not longer as useless as a dilo? I mean.. can it do something now and not die embarrassingly to everything?
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