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  1. logged in, got wiped again on PvP small tribes, 4th time in the past 3 weeks! Gasbags are supposed to be heavy good carriers, instead they soak bases better than a lv 290 kibble tamed HP golem with 200 pigs healing it and 99 snow owls healing it. Long live the meta's ?
  2. its not a boxed quetzal its a Smart Quetzal! boxed=against rules / roof protection=innovative putting turrets and PSX on the ground stop it so as they say' ''get gud scrub''
  3. I am half tempted to join the mega tribes of meshers.. they are all that is left of ark anyway sooo....
  4. I actually agree with you the damage is actually not the problem, as, to damage you need stam. and to have stam and damage' means less health, it can have a variety of roles but the range of the mana is dumb, its not broken! its shattered... ele dusted!!!
  5. I have a mana and feel like im cheating using it.
  6. you mad lol, a managamr will kill that from 100,812,992 million miles away as the velo was balanced and the Mana has not been.
  7. Any chance you can dedicate a forum slot for advertising boss battles? If you are looking to join a boss battle, host a boss battle and what level boss, Alpha, Beta etc.. Which boss and what to bring etc? I am on small tribes with 28+ rex's but im solo, all rex's are 50k hp 40k melee and will carry people but no riders.. Would be great to find people for this for me and them if not engrams unlocked. Thanks guys
  8. I think they should leave them as it is, completely agree with you that way everyone will quit and I will be alpha on any server I choose. Keep the broken mana. hip hip hooray
  9. packed up my entire base and tames inc. giga and rex's and moved to a new server because I heard someone had a Managamr near my base.
  10. Yesterday I saw a Golem and 2 snow owls and a tek stego outside my base preparing to raid, I and my tribe mate decided to stand our ground and fight the enemy away with guns and tames as you do... We then saw they had a mana, packed our base up and cryopoded everything and turned tail to a new server. A Managamr battle is like going for a fist fight in a bar and then seeing his best mate is Goku.
  11. to many scrub sweats in fibre pants wanna abuse it so the noobs player count overwhelms that of the skilled half brained player therefore we will always lose upon voting.
  12. This community crunch is all about raptors being so deadly... no they are not deadly! we wanna respawn as low food and water and next to a bed so we run at them and feed ourselves to them lol they are therefore Greedy not Deadly
  13. WildCard Message. Hi All! We really hope you enjoyed the broken Managarmr and the new map with huge potential so far besides the Game Braking Titans. We decided to not improve the map and balance everything out but instead destroy it and open it up to all the hidden mega tribes to transfer and destroy every base and kill off all the bloodlines you may have gained through breeding' and then they lock the servers down and kill ark once and for all. It was a easy decision for us at WildCard to be lazy and ruin our first bit of good work so please keep playing? and please don't quit! we have loads of game destroying and time wasting ideas to throw at you all yet. Love WildCard
  14. Seriously, I need some idea's, hitting rocks to dubstep and gathering thatch to drum n' bass is not cool. Taming to opera and mating to rnb is not working for me... What do you play whilst the grind is real?
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