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  1. photonicle

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    logged in, got wiped again on PvP small tribes, 4th time in the past 3 weeks! Gasbags are supposed to be heavy good carriers, instead they soak bases better than a lv 290 kibble tamed HP golem with 200 pigs healing it and 99 snow owls healing it. Long live the meta's ?
  2. photonicle

    Boxed in quetzal raids to OP

    its not a boxed quetzal its a Smart Quetzal! boxed=against rules / roof protection=innovative putting turrets and PSX on the ground stop it so as they say' ''get gud scrub''
  3. photonicle

    Raw Meat Stack size

    i'm guessing 2500 per stack would be good as we are going completely insane
  4. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    I logged on to a inside job aftermath, all turrets turned off, all dino's gone and even Mr Squishy ? (he was my anky)
  5. photonicle

    Terrible Port and Product

    I hate to say it but No Other Game Is Like Ark Cod and Battlefield, WOW and games like that people play can confer player feedback over many years until a game is balanced and well coded' by that time they bring out a new game to spice things up but.. ARK's biggest battle is it is so unique, and heavily coded in soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ways!! for eg.. It has gun fights, air fights, ground fights' water fights, boss fights, weapon varients, dino types, stats, varients, breeding, taming, kibbles, building! decaying! multiple maps, consistent 70 players all with thier own players, colour bases weapons dino's then you get the wild dino's with stats, including AI! and physics, berries, bushes, despawing, re-spawning area's new players joining, transfers in and out' ARK is a game WAY ahead of its time, it is a complete overhaul of idea's and what if's and continues to grow... in my opinion - HTF did they manage it even this far?? With abit more experience and feedback, a few more balances and server upgrades ARK could be a game that will go on for centuries.. Ya know what lets ARK down? Modern computers and tech.. its to primitive for this beast' Im glad I got a go on it now rather than 50 years time when computers can handle her
  6. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    there's me annoyed I lost a Mana to a DC and then i read this man... my heart goes out to you all lol, mana's giga's everything!
  7. photonicle

    PC Players' let Xbox know please!

    ouch, they didnt need destroying! lol we wanted a balance patch not a Velonasaur type nerf
  8. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    How could you do that to pikachu! lol
  9. Anyone know a good Giga spot where I can nab one? On extinction they spawn rarely and in one dodgy spot in snow, always low level and very rarely, I need some decent munchers Thanks
  10. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    I lost a giga in the OB.. had a few owls etc left when I logged on but yea... some went in to the ether
  11. photonicle

    Hey Builders, how do YOU decorate?

    One titan would make you quit ark ? lovely build tho
  12. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    i feel so much better knowing im not alone lol,
  13. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    uh man.. I knocked out a 140 Giga on official PvP on my own 2 days ago, sat there with a argy looking at its stats and the server rolled back 5 minutes, Logged back in to a wide awake giga tasting Argy and Human butt lol
  14. photonicle

    What bug hit you today?

    I love feeling part of a bigger picture when a bug or glitch ruins my Ark experience. Today I was looking for a ovis on my Managamr when I dc'd for no reason. Logged back on and 9 dire wolves, 4 daedons, a yutty and 3 carnos were devouring me, lost my mana and I died obviously... Anyone else had FUN? feel free to share ya daily dose of BS
  15. Im on Xbox, we are about to mass breed Managarmr's but you just got the nerf patch before us, Any feedback on the new Managarmr? reduced ice beam range, PvP effectiveness? I cant find anything online giving feedback Thanks