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  1. At this point I know this comment will receive hate, but still unfair and uncool of wild card to grab for cash now rather release both on the same date. If I didn't buy a season pass already, I would refuse to buy it.
  2. Over 300 comments raging over how unfair this release was to console users, and still ignores it. We give too much over to people like you, EA is starting look like more justly than you
  3. Also for those not understanding why it's a big deal that we took a day off work? They literally announced this 4 days before release. A lot of held off as long as we could
  4. Too all those who are comment and sympathizing with Ark Devs, saying things like be positive. Look us console players aren't mad that it's coming late, but rather upset that PC gets to play it. Fair is fair, cause now youtube is going to be spoiled with YouTubers playing the game. Seriously, they probably only released it to PC is because they are broke and want the money
  5. You know, it's one thing to push back the release date for everyone, But to only do it for console players really show us where your heart lies!! Frak this, I took a day off work because of this!! I waited to see if you delayed it and placed it on Friday, not two hours after work I get this s***!! You dev's really care so little about us??
  6. I keep coming back to this page looking for what you are really up too behind the scenes, but have been ultimately disappointed the last few crunches.
  7. I am assuming xbox players will never see these sponsored mods.... but that's none of my business
  8. Will the new texture for dino update come to consoles?
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