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  1. Also i heard there a reaper queens mission only?? Can you get pregnant by a reaper queen on genesis on a mission?
  2. Genesis questions So i have few questions that i keep looking for the answer too but no body seems to have discussed yet. Or at least not over the internet that i can find. 1. Can missiion dinos be tamed, I've noticed a large number my favorite dinos on the wiki page are mission event only. Meaning you can see it on the map i guess, but only during a mission. Well that's great but can i tame these dinos, like for instant i guess there is a deathworm mission. And a mission involving mantises. I was wondering couldn tame one if one if the deathworm horns. 2. What does the avalanche do as i have not seen any videos of it and was considering living in that biome. 3. Is the hex store going to grow, as in get more things added because that would be cool if we get stuff from others maps and use it to build foreign engrams.
  3. Look ignore the salty people who are upset about the delay, just thank you for a release date!
  4. Okay i am done being civil and professional, these community crunches are teases. At the point the rather you tell us nothing. You are holding back for what reason, disappointment that you are wrong. News flash! People are already salty about this no release date thing. And pushing back a date you set back is acc preferred than this no release date bs! I acc like having something to look forward too even if it's pushed back, rather this no release date.
  5. Hey Cedric my dude, what if i gave you a choice. Think of something you want in this whole wide world. Now you have two options, you can get it 10 years or at any random point in your life. Now let's just say for argument sake you said 10 years, now 10 years come up and i tell you it will be another year or you can wait at any random moment again.... people like seeing an end goal, i understand you want the bugs iron out and believe me i do too, but lack of the date is what is making people so salty. I for one, check this website hourly cause i want know when it will come out. Instead now i can't just sit back and wait for a date. And even if you push it out, at least we will have another end date in sight
  6. Also happy Holidays to you as well
  7. Can we please get an offical release date, you have strung us along far enough. Week after week i wait for content, mysteries aside, you have given us nothing since half life.
  8. At this point I know this comment will receive hate, but still unfair and uncool of wild card to grab for cash now rather release both on the same date. If I didn't buy a season pass already, I would refuse to buy it.
  9. Over 300 comments raging over how unfair this release was to console users, and still ignores it. We give too much over to people like you, EA is starting look like more justly than you
  10. Also for those not understanding why it's a big deal that we took a day off work? They literally announced this 4 days before release. A lot of held off as long as we could
  11. Too all those who are comment and sympathizing with Ark Devs, saying things like be positive. Look us console players aren't mad that it's coming late, but rather upset that PC gets to play it. Fair is fair, cause now youtube is going to be spoiled with YouTubers playing the game. Seriously, they probably only released it to PC is because they are broke and want the money
  12. You know, it's one thing to push back the release date for everyone, But to only do it for console players really show us where your heart lies!! Frak this, I took a day off work because of this!! I waited to see if you delayed it and placed it on Friday, not two hours after work I get this s***!! You dev's really care so little about us??
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