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  1. I like how they don't explain anything about how to use this. You can't filter by it. You don't download anything but the dlc pass... So are we just supposed to know how to be able to play with this content? Nothing is explained whatsoever server wise. Are those that purchase this dlc able to use it even on servers that don't have the DLC? Wildcard needs to stop being so lazy and EXPLAIN how you can even play with it! Wildcard must be full of drug induced idiots.
  2. Purchased Bob's Tall Tales, won't let me download it at all. Keeps saying to purchase it, so I click purchase, it says "you own this, download on primary device" If I have to download it on my xbox first then my pc, that is the most stupid design choice in existence.
  3. Wildcard never fails to disappoint. They "made a new base code" for asa. Makes it worse than the original game, but hey, it's prettier
  4. In Lieu of Wildcards updates, pretty much all Mods are broken. If anyone knows mods, this is typical of any game that allows mods. Changes to code can change mods, mod authors have to find and make corrections to their mods for them to function. To help prevent a lapse in time, I have a suggestion. Whenever an update is certified, don't release it immediately. Give mod authors a heads up. Do an email chain for all mod authors or something, give them so many hours or days as a "headstart" to update their mods to the current patch version to be released. In other words, instead of mod authors needing to wait for updates to come out, then having to find the changes made and translate it into their mod to update and make their mods work again, causing lapse in playing time on servers that are paid for, and instead, if Wildcard is able to release their changes made to all mod authors, give them time to make their changes by a deadline, then release the game update and the mod updates at the same time. That way, there's a fair chance for people to be able to play the game they want to play. If every single WC update breaks all the mods everytime, you can imagine that there may be whole entire months of no ark play time
  5. Myself and a friend each got a server thinking we could link them together, lo and behold, cross ark functionality is not implemented yet per Nitrado Support.
  6. Is anyone honestly surprised? Look at WC's history of updates for ASE. Delays are in their DNA.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/bubblywums/status/928735330966102016 this is the post saying people feel entitled, but I now realize I misread the post somehow. Silly brain ?
  8. I like how Jen says us players feel entitled its more like, studio wildcard is the the only gaming company that has these issues, where updates break the game and require another update to fix, while also working on paid dlc. Scorched Earth was paid and it has no issues... everything else? It’s on fire and everything Is fine. nitrado gives more customer support for ark than wildcard... it’s pathetic
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