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  1. Invisible ice worms attacking

    Did you make a vid, as proof? Side note, why were you killed multiple times? I wouldn't even have tried a 2nd attempt, nevertheless multiple times.
  2. Ice wyverns/ice wyvern eggs not spawning

    Can anyone else confirm this? Will this work for me, I'm on in a buddies server? Or is this only for SP? Thanks
  3. Yeah, i checked, but didn't see anything. doesn't mean i'm wrong though lol
  4. Got it, i really hope they add them soon, or adjust the bloom in the game. Makes it hard on the ol' eyes lol
  5. ahh, ok, thanks. Is there a way to do so? I wasn't able to find any sliders in the menu's.
  6. Anyone else having this problem? Other admin commands seem to work fine I'm on Xbox, single player, the island. Thanks
  7. Why does God have to shut up? I didn't even hear him talking (or typing)
  8. So much fail in this post. Good luck with the BBB lol. Kids these days.
  9. Do you not carry a parachute?
  10. Do you know the size of this update? Thanks
  11. Sad thing is, people are going to believe what they want to believe. Regardless as to who tells them. Such is life.
  12. Please when will it be fixed?

    It is working now, not sure what happened. thanks
  13. Please when will it be fixed?

    Nor am I able to name any dinos
  14. Please when will it be fixed?

    I am currently unable to use admin commands, single player on The Center. Are you able to use them? thanks.