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  1. So do you get annoyed on Christmas Day when you have no idea what's inside the boxes??? It's a secret, they will tell you when they tell you.
  2. How do you do max graphics on the Xbox One? I don't think that's possible. Thanks
  3. I don't believe they can recreate what was already wiped on your base. Or are you saying it won't save after you tried the new patch and it re-wiped everything?
  4. Can you do me the favor and link me to where they mentioned the Redwood, for The Center, in this update? I don't think it was to come out, per the map creator. thanks
  5. I am on single player and lost all, but my levels, on the The Center. I was thinking of going back to The Island, but am leary that it will also be wiped. I have way too much stuff there to lose.
  6. This update, other then my character level, has completely wiped my single player, The Center, game. Kind of a bummer as I was hoping to play today as I haven't played in over a month. I highly doubt I'll play this until full release, can't handle weeks, upon weeks, of game play that has been wiped. I had so many 150 lvl, perfect tamed dinos. I had a feeling that I shouldn't have started the game after the update, but I couldn't resist. Lesson learned, wait and see what kind of bugs there are before starting the game.
  7. As am I, I can only hope that there are some fixes in the update, but we shall see as I'm still updating. Also wondering how 720p will affect the frame rate.
  8. You beat me to it, i started downloading about 10 mins ago.
  9. I think it was added today, I'm digging it, looks official. LOL
  10. Lol same cig. as it's most likely the same person
  11. Or maybe, just maybe, the release date of the full game is sooner than we think...
  12. It's the weekend, give it some time.
  13. This most likely will be one of the last things they work on as it is not important atm. Btw, those were increases in performance, not in resolution
  14. I'm not whining, i'm advising. You bringing up the same thing, over and over, is definitely whining. And no, we are not supposed to advise of problems here, that's what the bugs section is for, as GP has told you before. The onus is on you to provide the link indicating they are not working on it, I never mentioned that they were or weren't. So again, i ask you, can please provide the link? Thank you.