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  1. They shut down the servers for an update and after the update finished the entire inventory of my strider i was using for storage was gone. All my good gear, blue prints, saddles, weapons.....basically all my best stuff just gone.
  2. We has the same thing happen to us a couple hours ago. Server started to lag super bad so we figured a crash was coming and we exited the mission. 2 minutes later server crashed....you would think we were safe right? No such luck. I can only assume it rolled us back to the server save that took place while we were still in the mission because upon logging into server we received the death message. couldnt us the beds on our skiffs so had to fly back to the Hud and no bags, no tames, no ascendant gear or weapons. Pretty upsetting having 5 people lose all their best gear, weapons, and moun
  3. I got DC'ed from my server and the server population is jumping from 64 to 67 people on but no matter what when i try to enter it says its full as well. It seemed better when they let it go over cap because after spending two days getting something built now im spending 3 hours joiningg and refreshing just trying to get it.
  4. The Center 354 has been offline more then it has been on line all day today. We log into the server and its rolled back 10 to 15 minutes. play of about an hours then poof its gone again for over an hour. Rinse and repeat all day. Cant you guys fix this please !!! And yes i have reported the outages each time at your B***S*** link.
  5. Console players are not the only ones getting treated like dirt I play on a MAC with OSX 10.14.1 and today makes the fourth day since the Steam launch of Extinction that us MAC users have not been able to log onto any ARK servers or maps. Needless to say everything I own will be dead and all my uploaded tek items will be lost. But oh well as long as. PC players can get into game right!!!
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