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  1. Duping on the NA server 1039 has been suspected and we would like to know if there is any way this can be investigated. For the past few weeks the server has been great with little or no lag at all. Today (27 Dec) There have been 2 server time outs in the space of 10 minutes and the lag has increased massively over what it was previouosly. There are a few Chinese tribes that have been griefing and harrasing players and so I am not sure whether these reports of duping are real or not, but the state of the server is definietly bad at present. What can we do if there is duping or cheating going on - do we just use the submit report function and do we need to add co-ords of the bases involved? We were having good stability in the lead up to today and now it has all gone kaput. Please help! Thanks
  2. The EU 464 server is atrocious right now with the amount of disconnects I am experiencing at the moment. It is literally every 10-15 minutes with lags in between that can last up to 1 minute. How can any deem this to be playable let alone acceptable? I had assumed this was down to the event but to be honest, what I hear from other players is that it has been like this for ages. PLEASE..... for the sake of my sanity, please can someone look at this issue and try to rectify it?
  3. EU-PVE-Crystalisles872 went down last night as I was on my flyer. Got back in for about a minute to see the server had rolled back only to be DC'd again. Would be nice to know what is happening as I don't really want to see all my progress destroyed...any comments WC??
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