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  1. Tried to tame an 185 Rock Elemental and end up getting killed lol that's all I did on ark today then I hopped it on warcraft
  2. oh I very much know that its just if thay can give us a half done game and half done dlcs thay can do the same with aberration., not that I want aberration to be full with bugs but its just there was so much things thay had us excited for and so much things that had been ivor delayed or cancelled it just sucks in so many ways but even after all that I'm still going to support them
  3. some time in November but with no set day or time and to tell you no lie I think thay going to delay aberration again lol thay give us ragnarok half done so why not this one
  4.  I don't even think they going to release it anytime soon to tell you no lie:Jerbmad:

    1. Violakitty77


      It seems that way

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