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  1. Offcourse your turrets defend base. Its same go to other server or logout. When your come other time your server choose bed to spawn and ready. If you go change a lot of servers, is better make new survivor in other server. Remember, all items and dino what you upload you can dowload in all servers with all yours survivors.
  2. Bug breeding.

    Yesterday before go to sleep i wait my therizinos had at 9% and i put berrys on inventory and in too put full the troughs. 4 therizinos had near 9% today when i connect i see 3 my theris are around 10% and other at 19%.... what is this!! is like 3 my theris get a pause on breeding...i think on rollback but then not is posible one theris is at 19%.... something not is good here.
  3. You can farm a little all days and buy a wyvern. A lot of players with more time than you are selling wyverns :D.
  4. Megalosaurus Remove State Lock?

    They need sleep on day. On normal state they automatically sleep at day. You can force to they stay wake up on day. Remove state lock put them on normal state.
  5. Tranq darts or arrows

    Darts is a waste, you need darts for direbear, galliminus, dimetron and maybe some more, but all other dinos you can sleep them using arrows with 0 chance to kill them. Darts use 3 narcotics more ingots. Arrow use 1 narcotic. Using primitives, a random dino use 40 darts use 60 arrow. 120 front 60. More ingots... its a waste. Edit: import not use arrows on head when dino not have mult on head.
  6. raw meat on fridge spoil on 16h 40m.x 20 = 333h 20m = near 14 days to full fridge spoil. Maybe you are playing on scorched? On scorched a full fridge spoil in 4 days. But all is like always. "A while back they changed spoil rate" spoil rate not change.
  7. How to make adolescent wyvern land?

    This happen me time ago, no chance to land him. I try all and useless. Mine was baby not adolescent. I had wait to can mount him.
  8. then if i have base game, its same buy explorer edition or seasson pass
  9. Are there some differrence On buy season pass or explorer edition, i see on steam are the same, cant understand because have diferent name.
  10. Worst is go to connect and your server is 70/70 and have to be 1 hour spaming clicks to connect. Best i think wc support you and not close the server.
  11. Wyvern Raising

    Try raising only high levels, they have more food and is more easy. Normally a lvl 180 have 1800-2200 food. 1 milk is 1200 food. No try force milk when he is a baby because reset food and you lost milk. If my mind no fail at 0% 1200 food is 4 hours... at more % same food more time is. If you want know exact time and go sleep. I make is put chrono and count time 1 point. Example 1456.9 to 1455.9 is 15 seconds. Then to get 0 food is 1455 x15 / 3600 is 6 hours. You know in 6 hours food is finish. Really is more time because in this 6 hours get more % and get some more the time.
  12. Leveling up dinos solo

    I put wyvern on trap, sleep them and use sword to put them on blood and then use my dino to finish him. Wyverns give a lot exp.
  13. Dino dying of Aging

    Good idea for hardcore mode, i no want my dinos die
  14. Wyvern help

    Its more easy go to pick eggs to ragnarock. And best to pick eggs is other wyvern < gruiffin < ptera 1000 stamina. Ptera is risky on scorched a lot of wyverns can follow you a die too. My advice is go ragnarok tame a griffin and take your 1 wyvern there. Then use to go scorched. You can use a low griffin up health to 10000 and stamina 1100 and is fine.