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  1. xDarKStaRx616

    HMS Furry

    That's awesome! Be really cool with steampunk dinosaurs
  2. All remaining issues aside, detailed updates like this one are much appreciated. And as its well known that when you give the "community" a voice in a forum like this you're going to have trolls and constant complaints, in my opinion, a game as complex as ark deserves some "grey area" with game mechanics. If the game never expanded as it has (in the time frame that it has) and would have just remained "the island" but had flawless game-play, sure, probably only 25% of the player base would have been content and continued to play. Sense our tribe started at "early access" I think Ark expa
  3. Whoever coined the phrase "no news is good news" obviously isn't waiting for Aberration
  4. I would be happy with some kind of daily update (good or bad) that would at least let us know they are acknowledging players concerns or anticipation. Looks to me like all they are concerned about are all the trips to cons and events to showcase unfinished material. Our tribe has been playing since day one will little to no comments on playability as we have been patient and dedicated. But with the games current state and rent servers still "waiting on certs" calling ark current status "official release" makes me feel like someone just stole my wallet and funded WC's trip to France for t
  5. Unofficial can run it. See below for a description of how its activated. There are a few other posts describing how its done. Edit your update file that runs SteamCMD Find "app_update 376030 validate" and add "-beta halloween" after the AppID so it looks like this app_update 376030 -beta halloween validate Optional: To mimic the official server rates. NightTimeSpeedScale=0.25 DayTimeSpeedScale=4.0 NEW Game.ini ShooterGameMode setting (which makes it colder): BaseTemperatureMultiplier = 0.475 Run the server with -ForceRespawnDinos in the command line.
  6. I'm pretty pumped for the Halloween event regardless of it only being 48hrs! Curious if there will be any new skins or Dino costumes.
  7. Those "not everyone" people can stay on Ragnarok . I know a few of my guys felt the same way, but I just reminded them its a survival game not a "dinosaur game"
  8. Any word on the Halloween event this year? Or if there will even be one?

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