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  1. @lilpanda Thanks for the answer, i hope you still have the save not corrupted btw ? But finally some hope !
  2. I would just like to finaly have some information, inform us about the situation, I do no think to ask for something complicated... several hours without anything...
  3. Still no information, it becomes very long.......
  4. The server crashing again and again... Rip Event T-T
  5. I agree with that, expect a responce from GM that I hope it will positive, they can not let their players like that...
  6. Yes we can do that, we log in in the lastest version of the saved, we upload our stuff and after that you do what you want, we just need to have back our dino/stuff we transfered the day of the rollback. For our character we can see with Tobida for have back my level 90 character
  7. We have rollback until our base was started, now all base gone and character are logged off on the ground, but i dont play this character they asked me to create new one... We have a big problem here guys, if you dont find the good one saved i think we gonna stop the game becaus we are many people to have lost character + many many many tamed dino High level so its a lot of hours destroyed right now...
  8. Hi, i'v tried to transfer some BluePrint on the 685 SE to Nitrado 242 The island, but when i'v join the 242, it was downloding, and after i'v got an error, i dont remember the number of the error, it was something like 407 error something like that, and after that, i'v try to redownload my character on the 242 but my character was not anymore in the list of the character... I'v search in my game file, there is no my character name in it... i was lvl 84 and i'm really sad if i'v lost forever this character so pls help me... i'v spend so many hours to play this characterI'v submit a ticket : REQUEST #22276So pls if a dev see that, can you help me pls ? With a bug i'm close to lost a character with 1200h played and i dont want that...Thanks.