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  1. Titanoboa eat my fertilized egg

    Its a large box, but the ac's are close to the wall, and when i saw the titanoboa head through the wall, its wall too late, he eated my ferti giga egg....
  2. Titanoboa eat my fertilized egg

    Yes through the wall >-<
  3. Another great bug .... I put my fertilized eggs to incubate and there a wild titanoboa goes through my walls and eats my giga egg, great! The game is out it seems to me? Why still so much stupid bug ...
  4. Transfer eggs

  5. Transfer eggs

    I try to transfer giga ferti eggs from an oblelisk, but every time the time comes to 30 seconds, the 30 minute timer comes back... I can transfer everything else, except eggs, an idea ?? (Officiel server 210 PVE)
  6. LilPanda [ Community Lead ] tweeted PC Ragnarok 13 & 194-195 are currently undergoing a hardware transfer. These will be back online within the next 30 minutes-1hr