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  1. Need help on ark smart breeding Hi I have a problem on ark smart breeding, can not display the color of my dino as in this picture, me the circle remains white, could you help me ? https://gyazo.com/87fe5a3fd174a735a45da838a2e41ea9 That's what I have every time: https://gyazo.com/7144f2a89a3bb2c8775989c97c1bbe59
  2. I agree too with this suggestion, some "nerf" for example on the mana hit the PVE who was not necessary, on PvP i understand, but on PvE i do not ! +hype
  3. Hello there ! For a more immersion inside the game, that would be great to see the wild nature making his way, baby dino next to there mommy, see the nature grown in the Ark. You think its possible ? Maybe its to RP to doing that, and in the game what kind of bonus we gonna have to see / hunt / tame this dino ? i dont know yet but maybe its not that bad to think about something more and more realistic Cheers ! o/
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