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  1. pvp OCEANICPVP(x30XP,G-x100T)-S+,Shop,CF,ORP,Mods

    Looks dope! Do you plan on keeping it running? I've joined quite a few that shut down after 2 weeks
  2. Oh dang that sucks th3 bush people were really cool. Hopefully that new mod works out. Also would you mind placing a new link to discord? The current one is expired.
  3. Thanks for the reply bro. The stats look great, I jumped in and it's fantastic. Wouldn't change a thing.
  4. What is your playerbase like? Also what are all the stats?
  5. What is your playerbase like? Also what are all the stats?
  6. Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    I'm on a boosted server where the max dino lvl is 400
  7. Spino Breeder Stats - Wutcha got?

    6.5k health, 4.4k stam, 1.4k weight 451% melee. These are bred babies base stats
  8. Cult of the ARK | ALL MAPS Cross-ARK Cluster

    How many active players do you have?
  9. With abberations release, and rag recently being completed what do you think about Anzha? I myself think it's gonna be alot like the island
  10. Patch 277 Achatina taming concern.

    Even if it is this way, it's better becuase now you don't have to spend all your time playing grinding for cakes!
  11. Aberration hype

    There are actually sweet spots on the surface you can build without it burning up. Gl finding them though.
  12. Recent announcement to NERF stego

    Words of wisdom people *applause*
  13. Recent announcement to NERF stego

    Exactly! Also for those of you who don't know, the Crab has 75%? Resistance to bullets. Tame a 150 pump all lvls into health and you have 3 stegos in 1 tame.
  14. Recent announcement to NERF stego

    100 turret limit is already out, unless it hasn't dropped for officials yet. I'm playing on a nitrado hosted server and it's been 100 for over a month now.