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  1. In-game hours

    Oh wow, you guys have been busy. I only have 556 hours #sad
  2. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Water/wyvern/snake combo
  3. Update 765

    Did anyone also notice the 5gb update for SE as well, 35gb👌 I'm gonna have 3 gigs to spare on my console.
  4. Update 765

    Mine didn't update until i opened the game, though I assume you've already done that.
  5. Everyone that got the XOX is too busy playing to let everyone know how it handles ark atm.
  6. Update 765

    In all honesty there is a slight chance it will come with this freaking beast if an update.
  7. Update 765

    Unfortunatly this update consists primarily of nitrado related content, no juicy stuff. Gl with that update though😉
  8. Update 765

    Yeah couldn't find update notes, but keeping my fingers for dessert🤞
  9. Update 765

    Yep, same size update for everyone else in my server. Luckily my internet is exceptionally fast.
  10. Update 765

    I'm on Xbox bro, it's been updated the second every update releases, or soon after.
  11. Update 765

    I'm guessing around 70%.
  12. Update 765

    New 30gb update just dropped arkers! *Very excited*
  13. Is the server running well? Don't wanna play tonight to find it's wiped tomorrow. And will you be hosting a new server on aberration when it releases?
  14. Yesh! Sounds very cool! Looking forward to it's release. Hopefully there will be more solo players then just me. Requested an invite to the club btw