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  1. So has anyone legitimately completed the Genesis boss on Official servers without Meks or Reapers?
  2. Yeah i gotta say, X-creatures are a waste to tame. They definitely should have some defining traits that make taming them worth it. 5% additional damage and -5% health is not worth the effort put into taming them, having to use 2.5x as many resources to knock out and hope its insane damage output doesn’t kill you before you can trap it. If they had at least 10% additional damage output when tamed then that might even be worth it. Hell, even some sort of ability to slightly boost it. As it stands, a wild X-dino will absolutely wreck a tamed X-dino. Tamed creatures (with the exception of a
  3. Teleporting is broken When teleporting between biomes in Genesis, it is possibly the riskiest thing you can do. You are plopped into a predetermined portion of the map, which could have very dangerous creatures that kill you upon spawning. This is magnified by the fact that transporting from one biome to another introduces a very large lag, which opens up a window for creatures to kill you while you haven't even fully spawned in yet. The problem gets even worse in PVP. Since there are only 8 places for someone to spawn in, people will wait at the spawn locations for teleporting peopl
  4. Flyers are not ride-able on PC currently.
  5. Thank you all for your feedback but this is still not exactly the answer I'm looking for. On official servers, you can transfer servers and upload your character with items in your inventory if they are within the upload timer. You will still be wearing your armor and have any items on your person when you spawn in if you transfer with those items and it falls within the upload timer. My question is, let's say you upload your character with items in your inventory. You suddenly become busy for a couple of days and aren't able to get back to your character. Now obviously, items in the
  6. Thank you for the answer, but I was also wondering about the items in the characters inventory that aren’t uploaded to ark data. I typically travel between servers with several items on my person and I was curious if they would also expire in 24 hours along with the ark data.
  7. Pretty sure they are not referencing the rider. You will likely still be able to ride a tame and be picked up, but a two-seater can no longer be picked up with two people riding on it.
  8. I have a question regarding character uploads. There are two things that I am aware of when it comes to transferring: 1. you can upload items to ark data for 24 hours. 2. you can transfer with things in your character’s inventor. My concern is, how long can you leave you character in the obelisk with items in your inventory (not in ark data) without them despawning? I was wondering just in case I want to take a couple days break from ARK, but if items in my inventory are also subject to the 24 hour timer then it looks like I will have to get on every day. Any information is appr
  9. Understandable. Thank you for your honesty and for your promptness on the issue.
  10. Not intended? So you’re saying the patch somehow stitched together a couple sentences on its own and locked people out of servers they wanted to join, all by itself? I mean I know you personally don’t know the answer so this isn’t a stab at you, but there is something strange going on within the dev studio. Clearly the login lock was placed in the game with the purpose of putting a timer on server transfers, so it’s kind of silly that they are claiming that this was “not intended”. I think the devs quickly realized that their new feature was a mistake after a slew of complaints came flying in
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