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  1. Okay guys, I think I may be getting the trick here. So I have a male with a stam mutation and only has two mutations in his ancestry (one less mutation shouldn't be a huge issue). I have a line of females with identical stats, all 0 mutations. I bred the male with those females. I ended up with two females with just the stam mutation and one male with a melee mutation. Tell me if I'm doing this right... I take the stam mutated females and breed them with a 0-mutation male, and I breed the melee male with my line of 0-mutation females. I keep doing this until I get an additional mutation i
  2. Breeding question Currently in the process of getting a Mana line going. The best baby right now has 2 stam mutations and 1 melee mutation, but the patrilineal tree shows 5 mutations. Now i know that I had two food mutations somewhere down the line but those mutations did not carry over to this dino, however the number of mutations still counted. What can I do about this? I'm hoping to get a good amount of mutations and I can't have food taking up two of the slots when the food stat isnt even being modified. The baby is a female. Do i breed her with a wild male to reset the mutat
  3. Do not try it... I made that mistake myself. You swing perfectly fine in the portal spawn but once you get into the radiation zone where the rock drake eggs are, say bye bye to swinging...literally won’t latch onto anything that isn’t 5 ft in front of it. I lost two bloodstalkers doing this, thinking that maybe there was a way to make it work but it appears to still be broken. If you decide to try it anyways, make sure your bloodstalker is fully imprinted with a load of health or you’ll get shredded down there. Oh and because of the radiation, you’re gonna need to bring like 10 or 12 mus
  4. Turrets + Metal Railings I was thinking of a way to set up the entrance to the base, but I need to know something and I have no information on this that is any bit recent. Can a turret shoot through a metal railing?
  5. FARMING Metal: Magmasaur Stone: Magmasaur Obsidian: Magmasaur Flint: Anky Element Shards: Anky Chitin: Megatherium Fiber: Therizino Berries: Therizino Thatch: Therizino Wood: Mammoth Pearls: Angler Meat: Any high health/DPS dino (Rex, Giga, Rock Drake) UTILITY General Weight: Gasbags Air Weight: Quetzal Land Weight: Basilisk Water Weight: Megachelon General Speed: Managarmr Air Speed: Griffin Land Speed: Procoptodon Water Speed: Dolphin General Scouting: Rock Drake Air
  6. Thought this was normal...the only other time she speaks to me other than the times you listed is when my health drops pretty low, in which she will say something. But yeah she doesn’t talk or give tips or even serve as a companion, as I kinda hoped she would. Not much of a guide if she barely speaks to me.
  7. So has anyone legitimately completed the Genesis boss on Official servers without Meks or Reapers?
  8. Bloodstalker useless on other DLC maps I’m sure the devs are aware of this by now, but I thought I would bring it to their attention just in case. When using a Bloodstalker on other DLC maps, such as Extinction or Aberration, the grappling ability of the Bloodstalker is almost entirely restricted. There are very few trees and structures that can be grappled onto. The HUD will show the indicators of where the webs will shoot, but attempting to grapple will result in nothing happening, along with a 5-second cool down until you can attempt to grapple anything again. There are areas where
  9. Bloodstalker useless outside of Genesis Decided that today was the day I wanted to get a Rock Drake egg. Transfer to Aberration with a throwaway Bloodstalker, thinking that its incredible grappling abilities would make it ideal for getting an egg. I spawn at the portal, Bloodstalker seems pretty good and is swinging around everywhere. I descend into the pit, and the entire time I am fully unable to grapple anything. I cannot shoot webs at the cliff, the structures, anything. I am quickly overrun and end up dying. I had a similar issue on Extinction. Went to the Sulfur Marshes and had
  10. True, however the Fire Wyvern will also take damage in lava while the Magmasaur does not. Furthermore, the Wyvern does not offer a saddle, specifically one that is designed to protect the player from the elements; the resource-heavy crafting requirement and the physical appearance of the Magmasaur saddle indicate that it should protect the rider from fire damage, but it does not. Therefore, Magmasaur should have fire resistance of some kind and the rider should have fire immunity. It’s a level 95 saddle so it would not be OP, considering it’s a late-game tame anyways.
  11. Yeah i gotta say, X-creatures are a waste to tame. They definitely should have some defining traits that make taming them worth it. 5% additional damage and -5% health is not worth the effort put into taming them, having to use 2.5x as many resources to knock out and hope its insane damage output doesn’t kill you before you can trap it. If they had at least 10% additional damage output when tamed then that might even be worth it. Hell, even some sort of ability to slightly boost it. As it stands, a wild X-dino will absolutely wreck a tamed X-dino. Tamed creatures (with the exception of a
  12. Teleporting is broken When teleporting between biomes in Genesis, it is possibly the riskiest thing you can do. You are plopped into a predetermined portion of the map, which could have very dangerous creatures that kill you upon spawning. This is magnified by the fact that transporting from one biome to another introduces a very large lag, which opens up a window for creatures to kill you while you haven't even fully spawned in yet. The problem gets even worse in PVP. Since there are only 8 places for someone to spawn in, people will wait at the spawn locations for teleporting peopl
  13. Genesis: Add Personal Teleporter Teleporting causes lag when doing it bwtween biomes. Unless you have an extremely high end pc, this lag introduces a window for creatures and other players to kill you before you have even spawned in or have an opportunity to protect yourself. Nothing can prepare for this. There is no counter, you just have to hope that there's not something waiting at one of the eight spawn locations. A personal teleporter would solve this issue. Make an engram that allows players to place down a pad, similar to the Tek Teleporter, that would allow players to transport
  14. Flyers are not ride-able on PC currently.
  15. I'm aware, but not this time. Server went down immediately following the 15 minute message. Happened yesterday too but it wasn't immediate, about three or four minutes after the 15 minute message. Only a single warning.
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