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  1. lmao wc does nothing to about there own rules. best bet is to kite something to it and get it to agro on the gate without video evandance wc cant do nothing. I have reported ppl with plenty of screenshots kitting a corupt giga to my base on pve sent the the screenshots that should the players name showed the argy he used him going threw my bags from what the giga did destroy before I kkilled it and they do nothing saying they need video evadancce in order to do anything that sscreenshots caould not prove nothing. if you report someone for building then they might come delete some of the stuff
  2. when is a fix coming to fix the endless pillar spam dino gate spam and so on. You are wiping the beginner servers every so often where are they going to go to. Most all servers I have went to is just mindless pillar spam you have to run around for 30 min sometimes just to find a place to set down a fire on a few servers. Something really needs to be done on this. If you cant stand to have someone build someplace close to you if you think you can control what is to be "Protected" by pillar spam then go play single player. Same for large bases still even after cryo are full of dinos that these b
  3. I got to sit around the base doing nothing since tame cap has been reached on one of the newer servers that have only been up for a month.
  4. lol like to read all the crying over it not being what they wanted are expect to get. Keep the crying coming. LMAO
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