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  1. hey, sorry I've just seen this you can get all the details on the discord
  2. Hey Mirage Its great to see you again! I hope you and yours are keeping well
  3. we have recently added Shiny! dinos to the main cluster as well as a server dedicated to 'The Hunted' mod
  4. Centurion Gaming was formed from survivors from less than extraordinary servers, we wanted to create something that aims to treat our players better The server configuration and settings are continually reviewed with input from the players and a collective style decision making process Check out our discord with the link below to stay in touch with us and stay updated on whats happening in the cluster. Tell your friends, jump on it and have some good quality Ark fun. We have recently added a dedicated breeding server to our main cluster alongside featured servers for 'The Hunted' and '
  5. thanks, were you able to find anything out about the relative performance though?
  6. Hi I would like to put together some hardware for running an Ark cluster of around 10 maps/instances (on windows) I'm not sure whether it would be best to go for the Intel clock speed or the AMD core count Can anyone give me an opinions on this please? Thanks
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