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  1. @MirageUKthank you very much!! I can confirm the latest version allows me to load and explore the map with this tool. Much appreciated! PS: FYI, the mod that was causing this was "Dino Storage v2" (1609138312), and I was able to locate and observe the megatheriums in Soul Traps (cryopod equivalent) without parents that you were talking about. Interesting that this would be the issue.
  2. @MirageUK Thank you for getting back to me on the matter. I am sharing the .ark file here. Any feedback would be appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CROoT5oEBa-shxshDfQ-6a-cSzhk4yED/view?usp=sharing
  3. @MirageUK firstly, thank you very much for creating and maintaining this tool, this has been extremely helpful and has greatly simplified managing my cluster. For some reason a single tribe in my Gen2 map prevents me from looking at it with this tool as it returns the error message "Content failed to load. Please check settings or refresh download to try again." I set up a sandbox environment and took out structures from one tribe at a time until I found a single tribe that is causing this with their structures. Would you have any pointers on how to get around this, or at the very least a method to identify what structures in the world could cause this issue? Thanks. Edit: Here're the logs from the error: https://traff.co/C4r8H82F
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