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  1. Maybe could have an ability related to cannibalism , as there are direct evidence it occured within the species. Could have some boost after killing another Majunga (wild adult, or freshly hatched baby) for instance.
  2. The wipe out of level and engrams is normal and happen on every DLC release. You still have your level but have to relocate the point. It's basically a free mind wipe. As for the crash, I can't help you ...
  3. You have to add bAllowFlyerSpeedLeveling=True in the game.ini file.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a custom dino for ark and I'm stuck at texturing. So far, I did the normal map. I was wondering what's the process to create the other textures for the dino: in wich order do you make them ? My two hypothesis are: - create a diffuse and use it for specular, albedo and color ID - create the color ID first and then change the color to make my base color. Then have the albedo and specular done. Is one of those correct ? If not, what's the workflow ? Thanks in advance
  5. I downloaded it recently and encountered the same problem. I found how to fix it. Open your Epic Game Launcher, go to settings and untick "hide game library". You should now have a "store" tab on the left. Search for Ark editor and you should be able to download it.
  6. OK so here are my thoughts. We can see elements: poison, ice, fire and water. If you look up, when the poison appear, it looks like there is a portal to a swamp like area, a snow type area when the ice appear, and a volcano type area when the fire appear: broodmother, megapithecus and dragon arena. So we are inside the obelisk and the water element leads to another boss which I assume will be a water boss. The blue portal when the water appear may be the surface of the water seen from under. (Excuse my english, not a native speaker)
  7. The face of the new trike looks amazing ! But I don't like the body, it is too skiny. Also transition between rear legs and tail is weird (that's just my opinion)
  8. Before CC: "Argentavis is good, don't think they should change it" After CC: "Oh my gwaadddd !!!!" This new model for the argy is soooooooooo amazing, can't wait to see it in game =)
  9. These new models look awesome !!! And the abilities will be very usefull. I want this so bad =D Good job !!!
  10. Called my megalania Megalania Trump Also have a dark red body mutated allosaurus I called Redrum
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