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  1. At some point in the patch notes, there were some changes about wyvern (PC: v 338.23 10/15/2021). It is written: Prevented Void Wyvern from performing a right-click attack unless mounted by a rider Does that mean that wild voidwyrm won't use the breath ? Or is it just tamed voidwyrm that won't do it on their own ? Thanks !
  2. OK so here are my thoughts. We can see elements: poison, ice, fire and water. If you look up, when the poison appear, it looks like there is a portal to a swamp like area, a snow type area when the ice appear, and a volcano type area when the fire appear: broodmother, megapithecus and dragon arena. So we are inside the obelisk and the water element leads to another boss which I assume will be a water boss. The blue portal when the water appear may be the surface of the water seen from under. (Excuse my english, not a native speaker)
  3. The face of the new trike looks amazing ! But I don't like the body, it is too skiny. Also transition between rear legs and tail is weird (that's just my opinion)
  4. Before CC: "Argentavis is good, don't think they should change it" After CC: "Oh my gwaadddd !!!!" This new model for the argy is soooooooooo amazing, can't wait to see it in game =)
  5. These new models look awesome !!! And the abilities will be very usefull. I want this so bad =D Good job !!!
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