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  1. Hey @Jat, what is going on with ark on Xbox one? There still aren't artifacts in caves... 

  2. Artifact failure

    It till wasn't fixed... @Jat, @Jen what can I do to fix this?
  3. Artifact failure

    Music to my ears, I didn't see anything in the patch notes as of yet. But time will tell.
  4. Rentable PS4 Servers & Ragnarok Update!

    I am greatly looking forward to playing this map. 😊😊😊
  5. Artifact failure

    Ok when is that? I am anxious to go bossing
  6. Artifact failure

    So I have been playing Ark on vanilla, and I finally went venturing into caves, but there where not any artifacts or loot cashes, nothing spawned in but dinos, and the usual plants, rocks, and etc. I dunnp what patch messed this up???? But I hope someone can look into this... I really wanted to go bossing.
  7. Artifact failure

    So I am playing on Xbox one, and I am finally far enough to go cave crawling, but while going thru I am noticing there arent any loot crates or the artifact crate...