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  1. they need to get rid of the insanely long breeding timers nobody would need events then its pretty stupid to wait 2 days to be able to breed something then weeks to raise it??? this needs to change
  2. currupted are about tge same strength its just effecient with a giga unlessbu dont have a giga then do oil jars / chainsaw ect ....
  3. if it can handle currupted on ext then yes is about the same strength as these turkeys
  4. the game is noticably more laggy and crashes are more frequent since the last patch and character keeps going out of sync causing it to keep lagging back and eventually crash this needs fixing something changed in the last patch thats causing this its noticably worse now
  5. gen 2 server 1527 not allowing anyone to log in Please fix this my main character is trapped there i need for my other base's before they decay and are lost
  6. lets face it the maps we actully need them on have far to few spawns of it and the ones that dont have them by the bucketload....whats tge point of that when tnose maps dont need them ??? make tributes transferable please or remove from maps that dont need them
  7. go to the right of it thatscall i did u'll pass it that way dont go left itsva wall u cant see
  8. i have progress on this server why was it removed?? i also have one of my main accounts on there please bring it up so i can transfer off i dont want to loose more progress that this account is on
  9. the beehives no longer spswn there isnt a way to aquire honey and before anyone seys go to other servers that is simply not good enough please remove the need for honey so we can still craft kibbles / cakes we need these or simply remove these completely as currently we cant use them!!
  10. this is happening across the board please more people post ur experinces get our vouces heard on these issues!!!!
  11. the servers keep crashing ! servers keep crashing kicking everyone off constantly its getting beyond rediculas this needs looked into island 308 , island 307 , gen 1921, ext 1008 the list is endless please fix this
  12. items placed on the map that unintentionally get covered by a spawning rock at location 50 .8 47 .5 pve island 308 i had a signboard which was destroyed by antimeshing and a few ladders though im not sure where those were is a rock considered under the map rather than on it?? if so what does this mean for new builds?
  13. please remove this lock!!!!!!!!! i guess im lucky?? havnt managed to get in to put anything out but stuff will need fed ......unlock our servers please
  14. log in lock / locked server server 308 locked???? nobody can log in anymore to pve island 308 has a log in lock of some kind how can this be fixed??? all my friends experincing the same thing its sitting empty iv put in an outage form any help please
  15. abboration mostly lays empty becouse people wont go there as there is no way to leave drops are very unreliable and dont always spawn there needs to be some other way to transfer out im a seasoned player been playing for 2+years abb is just an awful map to use becouse there is nothing to allow transfer even with a tame it can take several hours / days to get out ...trading is nonexistant at ab due to this one issue servers for it lay empty the numbers speak!! something needs done with it
  16. agreed anything using some sort of fuel needs this even items which use some sort of ammunition while its on ur inventory needs it like arrows or bullets like a clip? a dedicated slot would sure make that easier instead of loosing it as u pick up eggs or sometjing before hunting? makes sence to have this
  17. tek gens cant be turned off by randoms in pve anyway this is a non issue
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