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  1. anyone had this??? the genisis skiff was sitting in my base it stuck in terrain then went into some sort of repair mode and destroyed itself all while sitting there is this normal???is there some kind of limit to how long u can have them?
  2. there is actully 4 snap points for it 2 of them use a nearby pillar to ro it u need to find the right spot and use r1 to switch points trhst me u will get it
  3. u need to put a ticket in nobody in these forums can help you with that ...u could have changed the tribe name but u do actully need a tribe even if u play solo but most likely by the time they sort your ticket out you will loose all becouse they purposely wait so long then everything decays had 2 mates loose all to the same reasons
  4. you cant lvl tames over 449 they become podlocked when you do that as its over cap the next time an update comes itll wipe anything over 449 lvl
  5. transfer to a random server log out make another character transfer that in to the server u want to use ....then kill urself log out log back to your main transfer in with your main ( it will ask u you have a character in to overwrite the one in ...click yes your main should now load
  6. cryopods work underwater aka watertames try this anyway
  7. the buildings belong to u so regardless of server these wont work unless ur on you can pincode the doors so that they can be used as a 'start point' for beginners while they buikd base's of thier own i do that with my base on offical where it has a number of rooms pincoded which when needed is pm'd to the player that needs one
  8. use thrangle walls at either side before placing the 'roof' yes u need to use sloping roofs not ramps to get it right man gives it a more finished look
  9. take pictures / screen shots ( with a gps showing the coodinates ) and how close to your base is ..then include this on the ticket only takes an admin seconds to put in a demo code its done by coordinates ( u wont see them ingame) makes thier job easier and yours ( make sure the tribe name shows)
  10. yeah just die and respawn it fixes itself ( resyncs the cbaracter with the map)
  11. the number of stacks is shown on it what do you mean its next to the item description
  12. freezing the bee dosnt work it stays floating above it
  13. since we do not have this map not sure what to tell you as may have gotten this map outside of offical means remember thisis a ps4 forum if you have misposted please go to the correct forum
  14. nobody here can help u with that if its jot on the ob and no on either server u need to put a ticket in to wildcard
  15. its not dead man like i said if ur on private servers thats difrent
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