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  1. currupted are about tge same strength its just effecient with a giga unlessbu dont have a giga then do oil jars / chainsaw ect ....
  2. if it can handle currupted on ext then yes is about the same strength as these turkeys
  3. the game is noticably more laggy and crashes are more frequent since the last patch and character keeps going out of sync causing it to keep lagging back and eventually crash this needs fixing something changed in the last patch thats causing this its noticably worse now
  4. gen 2 server 1527 not allowing anyone to log in Please fix this my main character is trapped there i need for my other base's before they decay and are lost
  5. hirogun

    Voidwyrm bugged

    the viodwyrms are bugged even when u tame it if u have some sitting out at ur base ever rock , tree , berrybush ,and dino in t he immeduate vicinity of ur base disnt respawn after farming .....this is broken please fix this before it becomes a problem for harvesting
  6. hirogun

    Fix star dolphin

    cant even steer the dam thing it makes no difrence
  7. lets face it the maps we actully need them on have far to few spawns of it and the ones that dont have them by the bucketload....whats tge point of that when tnose maps dont need them ??? make tributes transferable please or remove from maps that dont need them
  8. remove the element requirement from the federation suit in the non gen2 maps for those of us who have bought this dlc it was expensive ( the suit can only worn if u bought the dlc it and transfered to other maps ) as an end game reward ( more people may buy the dlc?......
  9. go to the right of it thatscall i did u'll pass it that way dont go left itsva wall u cant see
  10. nothing is fixed on console offical this needs adressing asap its game breaking people are going to turn from this game becouse every map the loot is the same even from killing alphas the simply is no point to do and no 'drive' when we already have the engrams ....really sad that there is no goal now u need to make the boss's easier to do since no way to aquire the armour good enough to beat them now for element
  11. loot crates and drops only have primitive items the requirements for such are to difficult for what it yields please make extinction easier or change the loot quality its simply not worth doing drops at this point because the payload is not worth the time and effort thankyou
  12. i have progress on this server why was it removed?? i also have one of my main accounts on there please bring it up so i can transfer off i dont want to loose more progress that this account is on
  13. the camera requires rendering to happen so the answer ur all looking for is yes it does indeed refresh structure timers interact with trough radious through the camera as a means to test this it lets u toggle it! it could have been made to do more i think like romote operation of lights or doors justa thought combining the keypad with this? the code already exists
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