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  1. I actually found it, it was on top of sky at volcano
  2. Hi i was farming shards on gen with my friend and I was on anky and he on skiff. We have been farming and server kicked us,after we joined we saw that anky isnt there. I took a look in taming list and saw that he was 4k meters away from us and after few sec 2k meters. I tracked him and he dissapeared from tracker. is there any spot on gen where he could be or?
  3. Queen lands only 3 times. first time when you tp to arena second on your left nest when you tp and third on your right. queen lands everytime you do certain amount of dmg that she need to land so she dont land when she wants. after third landing she wont land again and best strategy for that is to whistle all your rexes in corner at third nest where she was and queen will do dive bomb all the time and rexes will bite her and thats it easy win. and ofc yuty to boost rexes. i preffer 1 yuty 18 rexes and 1 velo in case.
  4. transfer to other server and then transfer back to 855 you should get tribe ownership
  5. Hi dear are there any tips how to lvl up fast after lvl 100?
  6. they replied to me, and I will get lost xp and they will restore 10 of my dinos.
  7. Lost character Hello yesterday I lost a character by transferring from ext to ragnarok, and roleback happened and I lost it. there was no error code or anything it just asked me to create new survivor. I tried to download but nothing, went to ext to see and there was also create new survivor. I submitted a ticket and I am waiting now. but can I expect my tribe ownership back, and my imprinted dinos? I have 2 bases on. one is on ext, one on rag, and there are some imprinted dinos that I want back. what can I expect from them and what is usual time to wait for response. I posted screens
  8. can I get tribe ownership back and character?
  9. i lost my character cause of this, and other players too.
  10. Lost character Hello today I lost character by transferring to another server. And server crash, roleback happened... anyways I submited ticket. But I got some questions. Can I expect character back or they will give me engrams etc... can I expect dinos back? And is there any way to try get it back before gm replay by files myb or something? Thanks
  11. rag-434 unplayable as f 8.th crash for now. you are making new dlc map but not fixing issues with servers like DILO?
  12. Server always crash Hello There is problem with server EU-PVE-Official-Extinction493. This server usually have 5-6 player active at same time, but it crash every 5 min. I dont mean on crash when its down for hour or, it kicks everyone. and its not playeable. so what would be with 30+ players at same time? cant imagine tbh. and it has lags every minute.
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