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  1. SuhaCro

    Lost character

    they replied to me, and I will get lost xp and they will restore 10 of my dinos.
  2. well I don't know but GM asnwered in ticket: If you want tribe ownership back you have to provide screenshot of tribe log. I answered with screenshot of global chat where I asked other ppl,and I said that I don't have screenshot cause I never thought this will happen. I am waiting for answer.
  3. No, I dont have I was solo
  4. tribe log Hello everyone recently I lost my character by transferring to another server and roleback happened. so I contacted ark support they told me if I want tribe ownership back I need to provide screenshot of tribe log, but I dont have a screenshot of that, cause there was never reason for that and I didnt know that this will ever happen. is there any kind of proof I can provide ? I sent screenshot of global chat where I asked players did I lost character and tribe. I hope that can be some kind of proof. anyone have any other solution?
  5. SuhaCro

    Lost character

    Lost character Hello yesterday I lost a character by transferring from ext to ragnarok, and roleback happened and I lost it. there was no error code or anything it just asked me to create new survivor. I tried to download but nothing, went to ext to see and there was also create new survivor. I submitted a ticket and I am waiting now. but can I expect my tribe ownership back, and my imprinted dinos? I have 2 bases on. one is on ext, one on rag, and there are some imprinted dinos that I want back. what can I expect from them and what is usual time to wait for response. I posted screenshots of bases, and dinos.
  6. can I get tribe ownership back and character?
  7. i lost my character cause of this, and other players too.
  8. Lost character Hello today I lost character by transferring to another server. And server crash, roleback happened... anyways I submited ticket. But I got some questions. Can I expect character back or they will give me engrams etc... can I expect dinos back? And is there any way to try get it back before gm replay by files myb or something? Thanks
  9. rag-434 unplayable as f 8.th crash for now. you are making new dlc map but not fixing issues with servers like DILO?
  10. Server always crash Hello There is problem with server EU-PVE-Official-Extinction493. This server usually have 5-6 player active at same time, but it crash every 5 min. I dont mean on crash when its down for hour or, it kicks everyone. and its not playeable. so what would be with 30+ players at same time? cant imagine tbh. and it has lags every minute.
  11. taming something cause its 2x and raising
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