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  1. I think that otters on official(1x) should have less gestation time. 8h is a bit too much for otters. maybe to decrease gestation to shinehorn time like 4h.
  2. SuhaCro

    Ally chat

    Hi i would like to suggest to add like ally 1 ally 2... options in chat mode. for exam if you are in more then 1 ally its confusing to write in ally chat cuz ppl from other ally wont understand who are you talking to. so if we could get like ally 1, ally 2 when changing chat mode would be cool.
  3. Hello Last few days on my gen server official i havent saw any x otters. I am usually looking at frozen lake where is hlna spawn to N, and near that frozen lake there is also another place for them to spawn. but i havent saw any last 5 days prob. I went with baryonix and killed all salmons in hope for otters to spawn but still nothing? is this bug or?
  4. yo got 2 questions, first does anyone know when will event exactly come on 22. what are your main things to tame during event
  5. Lol i though they eat first from inv and then from troughs ty anyways
  6. yea ik someone is eating it but there are no dinos in visible area except otters that i am raising and they got food in their inv
  7. Hi I got weird question, in my incubation room i have juve otters atm. and i have 2 tek troughs full of fish meat,and in my otters there is also fish meat.but every five min when i come to check troughs there is missing 2 slots on tek troughs but in visible area of troughs there are no dinos in it. so where is my food dissapearing? its not spoiling cuz there is no spoil meat in troughs. ty
  8. Hi dear are there any tips how to lvl up fast after lvl 100?
  9. Hi there Today I tried to transfer my 2 cryo dinos on another server, timer expired and I transferred myself with cryopods in inventory,when I joined there wasnt any cryopods in my inventory, I went on city terminal there wasnt nothing on ark data,and I went back on previous server and there was no bag. It didnt took more then 3 min for that. I tried uploading cryopods in ark data and it's not working, It says uploading items to ark and it takes 10+sec and nothing happened it stays in inventory. I tried transferring with transmitter so idk if there is a prob with transmitter or obelisk an
  10. they replied to me, and I will get lost xp and they will restore 10 of my dinos.
  11. well I don't know but GM asnwered in ticket: If you want tribe ownership back you have to provide screenshot of tribe log. I answered with screenshot of global chat where I asked other ppl,and I said that I don't have screenshot cause I never thought this will happen. I am waiting for answer.
  12. No, I dont have I was solo
  13. tribe log Hello everyone recently I lost my character by transferring to another server and roleback happened. so I contacted ark support they told me if I want tribe ownership back I need to provide screenshot of tribe log, but I dont have a screenshot of that, cause there was never reason for that and I didnt know that this will ever happen. is there any kind of proof I can provide ? I sent screenshot of global chat where I asked players did I lost character and tribe. I hope that can be some kind of proof. anyone have any other solution?
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