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  1. I got super lucky and found a 156 Tek Rex in the redwoods on my way to the Tek cave, 100% taming effectiveness and after a few battles(courtesy of an alpha rex and carno) he was lvl285 and helped me and my other 7 rex’s Ascend on Gamma difficulty(I’m not too bothered about beta and Alpha, I just wanted to ascend). I’m now taking on scorched earth ?
  2. Tamed 4 female Scorpions and 1 male Scorpion to produce eggs for Rex kibble, also tamed an Oviraptor to speed up the egg laying process. Later on I’ll be looking for some high level Rex’s and the new Tek Parasaur!
  3. Such a shame there is so much hate against the Tek Parasaur. I can understand it’s not the most sought after dino in the roster, but it’s certainly not useless. Fresh starters and new players have the option to get a tek dino at the start, and to be honest I think it looks super cool! It’s berry harvesting ability means it’s very useful when starting out. Who wants to spend hours picking berries when you can do it ten times quicker with a Tek Parasaur?! Anyway that’s just my opinion and I’m sure there’s many who’ll disagree with me, but I like the new addition. Keep it up WC. ??
  4. Done it! Managed to find a wild lvl96 Yuti to help witht he fight, and he ended up at lvl 160+ before I took him into the battle. I lost a low level rex but my others(mostly around the 150 mark, other than my 215) survived well! I'm about to face the Gamma Dragon, but I know it won't go well.
  5. Today I managed to defeat Megapithecus, on all 3 levels (Gamma-Beta-Alpha) and Broodmother up to Beta. I play SP so it's difficult to get an army good enough in a short time. Looking to smash the Alpha Broodmother next, just need more Rex's.
  6. Artifact Caves do not load in. Just a void after the entrance.
  7. August 1st 2015 is when Ark Survival Evolved became a part of my daily life. It just popped up on the front page of the store, and sparked my interest straight away. Other than a couple of other Dino games, this is the first time I'd seen a concept like it, a concept that has so far taken 1800+ hours from me over the last two years. I immediately join an official multiplayer PVP server. I decide to scout the area straight away and I see a base, not too far down the beach. I ran to said base hoping to find a safe sanctuary to join a tribe, however I was mauled to death in quick fashion by a Dino I wasn't yet familiar with. It was a tamed Utahraptor belonging to a tribe, and I can only assume it's the tribe I wish to try and join. I respawn further down the coast and try to build a hut made of thatch to keep the smaller pesky dinos at bay but I can't. There's so many structures from other tribes that I can't build anywhere. I try the same thing on other official servers and get the same results, all the beaches and inland areas are taken by tribes. I decide to try out PVE servers and much to my surprise it's the same scenario..bases everywhere, pillars scatter the land as far as my view distance lets me see. An hour of searching for a relatively clear server pulls up nothing...I think it's time to try single player. I mean sure if I continued to look I'd eventually find somewhere, but to have a whole Ark to myself was somewhat appealing. Proceeding to my 15th hour in the game, I loaded up a single player game for the first time. I left all the settings(resource multiplier etc)as they were, I didn't really know what they meant straight away. I spawn in on the southern beach and can't see anything about other than a few dodo's and the odd Triceratops. Many hours of building later and my enjoyment of having a world to my own escalated, no one to worry about whilst gathering materials, and I can claim any Dino I wish etc. Some 1785 hours later and about 15 fresh starts(including other official maps) and I'm still enjoying the single player aspect of the game, however as of writing this my friend has decided to get a hosted server for us to play on and I will continue my travels albeit through Ragnarok this time round. All in all this game has given me more enjoyment than any other game I've played. I Can't wait to continue cranking up the hours and enjoy everything the game has to offer in the future.
  8. Platform : PC - The Center cave on The Island does not load in. Once through the narrow path leading to the main area, I can just see under the map.
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