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  1. start or join a tribe thats within your experience level. Its always best to play the game along others
  2. have ur owl on follow and when u dismount use a wing suit and remount.
  3. no snow owls for healing? what was ur strategy
  4. so you telling me 4 man imprinted gigas are enough for purple drops? those enraged corrupted alpha rexes arent no joke lol they tend to screw us over
  5. yea we havent taken any dinos yet due to corrupted dinos being lv 400+. we used the forest titan and desert titan to complete it but i was wondering if there was anyone that had completed the Lengendary Drop with some type of strategy. The only thing that screw us up is the (2) lvl 400 +enraged corrupted alpha rex.
  6. Arkers, Have anyone accomplish to defeat purple drop? if so what is your strategy? my tribe and i started a purple drop and was up to the second wave until a roll back. 2nd try, we experiment by using the desert titan to see what type of corrupted dinos would come out per waves... we seen lv 400 - 500 corrupted tek alpha rex, with wyrens and gigas. it seems very complicated lol
  7. it ask for imprinting kibble + new kibble system aswell.
  8. Scouts do heal Meks, my tribe and i do it all the time. Meks are ehhh very useful to kill corrupted wyrens but they have a hard time killing a corrupted giga.
  9. whats the new extinction kibble system? can you please elaborate i would like to know
  10. SpittaAndretti

    Gacha Taming

  11. Hello Arkers, i was thinking of recording/streaming ark gameplays on PC but i dont know how to go about that, do anyone know how to record in game ?
  12. nearly impossible to find a good lvl quetz, ive seen acouple that were low lvl but nobody would want a low level quetz lol Question, tribe mate claims that the tek quetz alot faster than an original quetz? is that true?
  13. yea i agree with it being human nature and its not going to be fixed any time soon, we have been dealing with tame cap for awhile now that people like myself got accustomed to it. You have to find a server that do not have selfish and inconsiderate people that tame 100+ jerboas just to fill up tame cap, and if so maybe negotiate with them or perhaps even join them.
  14. That is PVP for you, lack of sleep!
  15. there is no way of getting it back unless he gives it back.. luckily there is guys like davidcostarica who is willing to give you some starting dinos.
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